July Mood Board

I cannot believe it’s July already!! Summer is more than halfway over and I am so sad about it… That’s why this month I am focusing on slowing down. It’s important to enjoy each moment, and not rush through them. Even though we are super busy with jobs, internships, vacations, what have you, if we don’t take time to stop & smell the roses (read: rosé) then were going to miss them! Summer flies by no matter what, but if WE slow down then we will get to embrace and experience more of it. This month I have a lot on the plate. My first bridal show for my internship, a quick family trip to Montana, and a short visit to Savannah are just the tip of the iceberg. I know it’s going to be a fast paced marathon of a month, but I plan on taking in as much as possible. That’s why this month’s board is full of blue hues. Blue is a relaxing color and while July is definitely a time for fun & play, I’m daring us this month to also find time to relax. Take some time yourself this month to soak in the realization of all the endless possibilities that await you. May you find a piece of yourself in this mood board, and have a restful & recreational month of July! ♡

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