2022 Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm ($38) – I treated myself to one of these earlier this year after seeing Bobbi Brown’s (founder of JRB) TikTok of her showing how to use it. This balm can be used in so many different ways. Add to cheeks for an instant flush, place on eyelids for an easy eye-shadow look or even swipe onto lips for an instant glow! I love carrying this universal balm with me every day, just so I always have it in case I need to touch up.

Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub ($34) – I received this in one of my Allure Beauty boxes this fall and FELL in love. It is such a gentle scrub, smells incredible, and I see visible results. 11/10, can’t reccommed this enough.

Kaja Wink Stamp ($29) – As someone who never wears eyeliner because it’s difficult to apply, this product is a game changer! The easy stamp applicator makes it easy to add a fool-proof wing. Just use the eyeliner to connect the wing to your eye and boom, good to go!

Tarte Maracuja Tinted Moisturizer ($29) – Some days you want coverage but don’t need a whole foundation. Enter tinted moisturizer! I love this one from Tarte, it’s still so full coverage but I love knowing that it has moisturizing properties that are good for the skin too!

Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Mask ($17) – Another subscription box item I received, tried and LOVED. I never really got on the hair mask train until I received this. Works wonders, smells amazing, and is easy to use in the shower. 11/10!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Trio ($32) – Cult favorite product, cannot go wrong. Even if she already has it, she uses it religiously and can always use more 😉

Miss to Mrs. Box Subscription ($37) – Two days after I got engaged, I had signed myself up for this subscription, lol. I absolutely love it! It’s so fun to look forward to it every few months, and each box is tailored to a specific theme. Last month I received a “Sweating for the Wedding” box and a ton of wellness, fitness and workout goodies! I highly recommend gifting this to any friend who may have recently gotten engaged!

Last Christmas as a Miss Sweatshirt (Ranges) – How cute is this? I also bought this for myself, haha. *Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here* But I couldn’t help it! I love acknowledging all of the engagement moments, big and small. Realizing that this is my last Christmas as a “Miss” is super wild, and I wanted something cozy to wear throughout the season. If one of your friends is a bride-to-be getting married before Christmas in 2023, this would be the perfect little gift!

Personalized Ring Dish ($13) – So beautiful! No matter how many ring dishes a girl may already have, getting a new one for your engagement ring is always so fun! I guarantee she will love this and use it every day until the wedding, and probably after too!

Wedding Planning Mug (Ranges) – Omg, I love this. I want it! (To any of my friends who may be reading this 👀) I think it’s so cute and I can imagine a coffee lover who is also a bride-to-be would get so much use out of this mug during this season of life!

Bride Slippers ($16.50) – How adorable and comfy do these look? You can never go wrong with slippers, and the bride and ring decor is an added bonus!

Bride to Be Memory Book ($18) – This looks so cute! I think this memory book would be so special for a friend who is recently engaged, she can use this to keep track of and commemorate the entire wedding planning process and her entire engagement. It doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Kylie Skin Lavender Bubble Bath ($26) – Okay, how cute is this? No, it’s not a wine bottle, it’s bubble bath! Sounds so relaxing and for the girl who has “everything,” she can always use more self care items!

Hotel Collection Scent Diffuser ($200) – Eep, I love this. Ryan gifted me this for my birthday this year, and we are obsessed. It truly makes our apartment smell like our favorite hotel, and it just elevates the vibes so much. Plus, it’s completely pet safe!

Hatch Alarm ($130) – Alright, full disclosure, I have never used one of these but I see them on TikTok a lot and I think whenever Ryan and I move to a house and we have more space, I will get one! This is a unique item that is super functional, so a great choice for the friend who has “everything” 🙂

Fun Glass Straws ($15) – I thought these were so cute and fun! Everyone can always use more reusable straws!

Espresso Martini Infusion Kit ($25) – UMMM, excuse me!? Are you kidding me. 100,000% YES PLS! Sign me up.

Essential Oil Shower Steamer Mist ($24) – I love this idea! For the non-bath girlies, you can still get that “bath bomb” esque atmosphere with essential oils floating throughout the steam. Talk about an at-home spa experience!

Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set ($46) – These cute utensils will last forever and add a cute pop of color the kitchen! Plus they come in this little holder, how adorable is that? No more wasting money on individual tools, this set has all you need!

Compostable Phone Case (Ranges) – Okay, can we please all admit how cool this is? I had never heard of this, but Pela is the very first compostable phone case company, so I guess that makes sense. They have SO many designs, and your eco-friendly friend will LOVE one!

Everist Waterless Shampoo ($24) – Did you know most shampoos are typically >70% water? Because I definitely did not. What the heck are even paying for then? Everist sounds so interesting, this one bottle is over a 3 month supply. It’s a concentrated formula that is activated by the water in your shower! So cool, and it’s a zero-waste bottle. This is the move for your environment-obsessed friend, trust.

Bite Toothpaste Bits ($12) – Similar to Everist, this brand is changing the game when it comes to zero waste. How smart is a toothpaste bit?! I mean, that’s truly all you need. I def hope to get these in my stocking this year!

Organic Herb Lip Paint ($27)- These are edible Herb Lip Paints, a lip balm-lipstick hybrid that offers fun colors to play with while keeping your lips soft and healthy all throughout! They are powered by herb and earth pigments, and are infused with ultra moisturizing oils and butters for extra healing and hydration!

Wool Dryer Balls – I am guilty of using dryer sheets. Granted, I buy the “good for the environment” kind, but still. Soon I need to make the switch to dryer balls. And how cute are these animal ones? These will last for 1,000 loads, what a long-lasting gift!

Air and Anchor Gold Hoop Earrings ($18) – Okay, do these not scream luxury? I am obsessed with these chunky little gold hoops, and your luxury loving friend will too!

Plaid Blanket Scarf ($17) – I can feel this scarf through the screen. It looks so cozy AND comes in many different color patterns.

Gilded Agate Coasters ($16) – These look SO fancy. I love the shimmery gold edges. They also look unique and I love gifting friends something a little more different.

Birthstone Bracelet ($16)- Dainty bracelets are IN right now, let me tell you. And there’s nothing more special than a birthstone gift!

Ombre Taper Candle Set ($11) – How bougie do these look? I can just see them on a dinner party table. Run don’t walk to get these for a friend who would love them.

Gilded Wick Trimmer ($15) – While you’re at it, snag this fancy AF wick trimmer too!

Wellness Journal ($35) – I am a sucker for a journal, and anything wellness is a yes from me. This journal includes a wellness map, 3 pages for intentions, feel-good goals and wishlists, 12 weeks worth of daily overview pages (two-page spread for each day), with space for logging intentions, sleep, water intake, self-care ideas, meals, thoughts & feelings and things you’re thankful for, as well as body & mind, gratitude and goal check-ins, and a Reflection & ‘Words to Remember’ page!

DIY Ice Cube Frozen Facial Mask ($29) – Have you also seen of these on TikTok? I’m sure your wellness girly friend has too. Make her Christmas with this DIY Ice Cube face mask!

Necessaire Body Ritual Set – If she’s anything like me, she’s seen this brand EVERYWHERE. Gift her with a chance to try all the different products!

The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller ($69) – This is on my personal list this year. I’ve been using an ice roller for months, but I know this one is the crème de la crème and I can’t wait to use it!

Wellness Lollipops ($18) – Okay, WHAT? I lost my mind when I saw these. Candy that is good for your immune system? Yes please! Snag these for your immunity obsessed friend and she can suck on them while she writes in her Wellness Journal 😉

Olive and June Foot Serum ($18) – I’ve heard of foot balm or moisturizer, but SERUM? I’m intrigued… this is a daily treatment for your feet. If she likes taking care of her body, this is a unique option for you to gift her!

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers ($25) – Does he like golf? And even if he doesn’t, does he like whiskey? JK. But seriously, these are so perfect for the golf lovin’ man in your life!

GQ Box (Ranges) – For the brother or boyfriend who needs an upgrade to his skincare or lifestyle routines… consider gifting a subscription to the GQ box! It’s like the Allure beauty box for men.

Hillflint Sweater (Ranges) – A really nice and stylish option, a crewneck (or one of the other styles) from Hillflint. With over 100 colleges to choose from, there are so many elevated options to choose from, and if your man is a fan of his alma mater, he will love this gift!

Wooden Beard Comb (Ranges) – For those with some major facial hair, an engraved wooden beard comb would be so sweet, and functional. There are multiple styles to choose from and you can choose the message, whether its goofy, romantic, or somewhere in between!

Beer Making Kit ($48) – This one is probably self-explanatory. Doe he like beer? (Ugh, ok, and making things?) Then you’re all set here.

Personalized Magnetic Bottle Opener ($40) – A bottle opener is always a good idea, but the personalized element here is a really nice touch!