7 Ways to Jumpstart your Summer

It’s officially summer time, which means goodbye, textbooks and hellllloooo, vacation! I can’t wait for the constant smell of sunscreen, endless amount of umbrella drinks, and of course the greatest feeling ever of not knowing what day of the week it is.

However, getting into the swing of things always proves to be a little difficult for me at first. After a semester of time-consuming and difficult classes (thanks, junior year) and frantically searching for a summer internship, I found myself just wanting to just sleep all day and all night. I wanted to continue binge watching Hulu in bed like I was right back at school, instead of doing anything fun for the summertime.

So I decided to say ENOUGH and take some action that would actually spark change. I started trying new things, making certain lists and before I knew it, I was already ~killin Summer 2017. So without further ado, I present to you, 7 ways to jumpstart your summer!

1. Find an exciting new hobby

This one may seem cliche and unattainable, like, come on, who actually finds a “hobby” nowadays? But I am so serious! Every summer I find myself getting into things I have never done before. For the past three summers, it’s been yoga. I am a HUGE fan of it, and even though I haven’t done it in a year, (and the class I went to last night kicked my ass!) I am going to go again today, and again next week, and and again and again, because it’s something I enjoy! I also don’t usually have a ton of time during the school year to try out new things, but summer is the PERFECT time to do so. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but never have because you didn’t have time? Maybe you want to take an art class, or learn to play guitar. Maybe you want to start a blog, or write a novel. Whatever it is, try it! I promise it will be worth it.


2. Plan fun things in advance

This is a big one. It’s one of the main reasons I feel so at peace and ready to enjoy this summer! It is easy to get down if you view summer as just three long months of nothingness. Sure, fun things may happen later on, but if you don’t actually have anything scheduled, it can seem like a really, really long road of boring. SO, plan ahead!! Come up with some fun things to do and mark them on  your calendar! Most hotels have a one week before cancellation policy, so you can book way in advance and then if it doesn’t work out, you can cancel with no penalty! Look up who is coming in concert, make plans with your friends, just plan, plan, plan! Having things to look forward to will make everything so much exciting and not to mention, way less stressful. I like spontaneity as much as the next person, especially during the school year… but sometimes, planning ahead is the way to go. I believe that summer is one of those times!


3. Commit to Connect

Chances are, for summer break you’re in a different city than you are during the school year, which means ~new places and new faces~!! Make an effort to explore the area you’re in. I know my first summer home from Alabama, I wanted nothing to do with Orlando. I was so bitter and sad. But then I started to try and find cool things to do here, and everything changed! You probably don’t know your city as well as you think you do. There is always more to explore, and more people to meet. If you’re back home, maybe make an effort to reconnect with some old friends. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that it SUCKS to lose touch with people you used to be close to. Even if you moved, all it takes is effort 🙂 Give it a try. After all, you’re going to be here for three months anyway. Might as well enjoy it! Commit to connect, and you’ll be shocked at the results.

4. Focus on something you’ve been putting off

This is a little similar to #1, but let’s be real, sometimes “that thing you’ve been putting off” isn’t exactly a hobby. It’s probably something a little boring or difficult. For me, it’s working on this blog, and attending to all my duties of my multiple virtual/online internships. These things definitely aren’t boring, they’re just tedious and sometimes during school I find myself not putting them as a top priority. So this summer, I plan on posting here as much as possible and knocking the crap out of all my online tasks. There’s no better time than summer to do what you’ve putting off, because when else are you going to have so much free time?

5. Make a list of your passions

Summer is at time to focus on you. School can take a lot out of you, and you need time to relax. Therefore, make a list of everything you like to do, and keep it close by. This isn’t a goal list, although you could have one of those too. It’s just more about you and what you like to do. When you have an hour of free time during your day this summer, refer to this list!! Do something that makes you happy. That relaxes you. Makes you feel complete. Read your favorite magazine, bake cookies, take a bubble bath, study your bible, play Wii games, go shopping, take photos, whatever it is! Just do something that is for you and you only.

6. Werk it out

This one is pretty self-explanatory, and it’s probably on every single one of our to-do lists this summer. Everyone wants to work out and get in shape over the summer. While I may have tried to get that summer-ready bod during the spring semester, no amount of #fitspo inspo was enough to counteract the calories I ate during Finals week… So, yeah it’s still on my list. Now, I am the first person to admit that I literally hate working out. At least, certain types of working out. But as I’ve learned, it’s important to love your body and treat it with respect, which unfortunately, includes working out. *insert eye roll emoji here* Just kidding! It actually is possible to make working out and (*shudder*) eating healthy fun! I promise. I’ve found that summer is the easiest time to do, especially during the college years. My first summer home from Alabama I created a weekly workout schedule and it turned into a routine that I never wanted to end! It had a weekly Monday morning walk, three gym days, three yoga days, one rest day, and one Pinterest workout/free-for-all day. I also started watching what I was eating and making more of an effort. It really is crazy how much of a difference it can make in how I feel! You should try it. Feel free to find me on Pinterest or send me a message if you want more details on that schedule I was talking about. I edited it for this summer and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! Check out my yummy lunch from yesterday!


7. Binge Watch Netflix/Hulu

If all else fails, (or even if doesn’t…) spend the next three months binge watching tv, because let’s be honest, if you can’t sit around in your pajamas watching The Mindy Project at 2pm, what is summer good for? ♡

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