Hi! My name is Jordan and I am so happy you’ve come across my blog! About three years ago, I graduated with a Master’s degree from the best school on the planet, the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) where I studied marketing with a specialization in digital & social media. Before that I also earned a Bachelor’s degree at Bama as well, in Communication Studies.

In September of 2019 I moved to New York City, where I had been dreaming of living my entire life. I had been applying to jobs left and right for months, and in August 2019 I received a job offer, so I found an apartment and took the plunge, moving to Brooklyn. My boyfriend (now fiancé) joined me and we’ve been living together ever since! I started as a Marketing Coordinator in the beauty industry, and now I am an Account Manager for an influencer marketing agency. Before August 2019, job hunting my was full-time job, so I love to talk all things applications process, interviews and career growth. Hit me up anytime for questions/advice re: applying to jobs.

Since moving to New York, I’ve been adjusting to the full time work life, but want to keep blogging as much as I can. I’m passionate about writing, and passionate about talking to others, so how could I stop? These two passions are how Coffee with Jordan Lee was started. I would love nothing more than to catch up with you over a vanilla latte, but if you’re not physically in NY, this blog is how we can do that! (If you are in NY, DM me and let’s go grab a cup!)

Please feel free to reach out over email or DM, or comment on a post… I love meeting new people! And until we can catch up over coffee IRL, let’s be friends on social media! You can find me on IG and Twitter x