Jordan Miller Horan (born Jordan Lee Miller) is a lifestyle blogger and Account Manager at Influential. Almost five years ago, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Digital and Social Media from the greatest school in the country, the University of Alabama. (Roll Tide!) Before graduate school, she also earned a Bachelor’s degree at UA as well, in Communication Studies.

In September of 2019, Jordan moved to New York City where she had been dreaming of living her entire life. She applied to jobs for months before, during, and after graduation, and finally in August of 2019 she received a job offer at luxury beauty brand, Artis. She accepted immediately and flew to NY to find an apartment a few weeks later. Her at-the-time boyfriend (now husband) Ryan joined her for the journey and the two excitedly moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn together. They’ve been in the same apartment ever since! 

Since moving to New York, Jordan and Ryan adjusted to the full time work life, adopted a dog named Cannoli, and went through the journey of a beautiful surprise proposal, planning a wedding, and getting married. (You’ll find a lot of content about her wedding on this blog, as well as all of her social media platforms.) Jordan is passionate about writing, and passionate about talking to others, and it’s these two passions that birthed Coffee with Jordan Lee back in 2016. While she doesn’t have as much time to work on the blog as she used to, she still plans to continue creating content and building relationships through this site. Jordan would love nothing more than to catch up with you over a vanilla latte, but if you’re not physically in NY, this blog is how you can do that! (If you are in NY, send Jordan a DM – she’s eager to grab a cup!)

Please feel free to reach out over email, DM, or comment on a post… she loves meeting new people! And until you can catch up over coffee IRL, she asks to please be friends on social media! You can find Jordan on IG and Twitter.