Affordable Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone in Your Life

Happy (early) Holidays!! I am so excited that Christmas is right around the corner, and I hope you are too! I’m sure you’ve seen a MILLION gift guides on your Facebook feed, Instagram, and everything in between. While I’m not usually one to follow the crowd, gift guides are something there can never be too many of.

I tried to get a wide variety of everything for y’all, whether you’re shopping for someone crafty, someone outdoorsy, someone who loves fashion, someone who couldn’t care less, etc. While I know a few gifts may be out of your (and my!) price range, haha, I tried to make almost every single item affordable. And I do mean, affordable. Every picture on here is clickable to a link, as well, so go crazy 🙂 Happy Shopping!♡

So without further ado… I present to you, the very first holiday gift guide on Coffee with Jordan Lee!

First up – My Personal Wishlist…

Next, for Mom…

for Dad…

Next up, for the Girls in Your Life… whether they’re sisters, girlfriends, roommates, etc.


And finally, for the Boys in Your Life… boyfriends, brothers, you name it!

I hope you guys have been inspired by this post, whether if you decided on an actual link I posted or if a pic sparked an idea! If there’s someone in your life you still need shopping ideas for, comment below!! I’d love to add to this list. I always want to help y’all in any way I can!

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  1. This is a great post of ideas! I loved it. I also want to see if comments come through and back to you as intended.

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