April Mood Board

Having survived a second March in a (seemingly) never-ending pandemic, I feel like a new person. A little stronger. A little more resilient. And a lot more thankful. As I’ve learned in life, there is always light after dark. Sun after rain. Though we’ve been living in dark times, I feel the sun is finally starting to peek through. That’s why this month I’m focusing on the reflection of light. In the shadows, in the window, in the darkness. We can always find a little bit of light.

For me, the light is in finally feeling situated in my new job, meeting my coworkers in person and going into the office two days a week. It’s in the love and kisses I get from my new puppy, Cannoli. It is the sunlight that reflects on our living room wall, the one that we recently though we’d be moving out of, and now, maybe not so much. This cozy space is our home and we love it. It’s in the fact that I am eligible for the vaccine next week, (!) and in the fact because of that, both Ryan and I have family trips on the books.

No matter what your April may look like — my advice is to savor every single possible second of light, because sometimes, while they may only come in flashes, they can be all you need. ✨

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