August Mood Board

I know I say this every month, but wow, I can’t believe it’s already August! July definitely felt like one of the quickest so far, so thank goodness I chose to spend it focusing on slowing down. But now August is here, and there’s no denying that it’s time to pick up the pace. So much is about to start happening so quickly, I honestly just hope we can keep up with it all! I want to spend this month focusing on embracing the moment, and accepting the challenges that come our way. You’ll notice this month’s board has a retro/vintage-y vibe to it… that’s because I wanted to take a moment to look back before we go back. Back to School. Back to Work. Back to the Grind. This month when I will start my senior year of college, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I can tell you I’m not ready but I can also tell you that August doesn’t care, haha! The world doesn’t slow down for anybody… and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to let the bad outweigh the good. To let the negativity become our entire mindset. I know I’m guilty of letting small stupid things ruin my day. But when I do that, I miss out on the good stuff, and I’m sick of letting that happen! So, this month I’m challenging us to say yes to our busyness, and to embrace & welcome the difficulties that may lie ahead. They’re only going to make us stronger! I hope you find a piece of yourself in this mood board and have an exciting and embracing month of August♡

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