August Mood Board

Wow, more than half of 2018 is already gone.

What. The. Heck.

I say this litttteralllyy every month, but I just can’t believe how fast time is flying! I also can’t believe how much life changes!

This time last year I published the August 2017 Mood Board and talked about focusing on Embracing the Moment, as I was going back to school for my senior year at Alabama. A big huge year of “lasts.” Which it was, but I also knew that “this time next year I have no idea what my life will look like, as I will be a post-grad”. Well, here I am and I am going back to Alabama for one more year! Isn’t that crazy how life goes?

I am overjoyed to be returning to my alma mater for one year of hard work and earning my Master’s degree! I will be learning so much about my field of Digital Marketing and Social Media, I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! With that being said, I know this year won’t be anything like the previous four.

Grad School is nothing like undergrad, and even if it was – most of my friends won’t be returning (some will, thank GOODNESS!), I’ll be living in a new apartment, studying with a new college (bye-bye comm☹️) and so much more.

That’s why for August 2018, I am focusing on New Beginnings. It’s usually a month of new beginnings for everyone, despite if they’re going to Grad school or not. There is a feeling of newness in the air. Summer is coming to a close, and Fall is right around the corner. We are living on the cusp, the cusp of new beginnings. The weather starts to think about possibly somewhat changing, post-graduates may be starting a new job, high school students back to a new year, some parents may have a child just starting school for the first time this August…

It’s a month that always promises to be new and I hope you will enjoy me in celebrating that truth! For something a little different this month, I’m adding a song. I believe the song “Brand New” by Ben Rector goes with what I’m talking about perfectly.

Here’s a brand new feeling for the month of August. I hope you enjoy this month’s mood board♡

august mood board

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