August Mood Board

I recently saw a quote that said, “August is like the Sunday of summer.” I definitely agree with this, though I believe this can look differently for many people. Either way, I do think August is a time of change for most people. Maybe you are heading back to school, and starting a new year in a new apartment or dorm, or maybe you’re not in school anymore and this month is the first time you’re not going back to your age-old familiar college campus… Or, maybe you’re like my boyfriend Ryan, and you’re graduating this month, and setting off on a whole new adventure!

No matter what this month looks like for you, it’s easy to get caught in the mundane or the melancholy feeling that comes with the knowledge that summer [or something else] is ending. That’s why I am going to spend this month focusing on the magical moments, no matter how few and far between they are. I want to seek out the extraordinary flashes of delight, even though they may be scarce. That’s what makes them even more special.

When we focus on the magic, the ordinary seems a little less ordinary. I hope this focus speaks to you, and that you find a piece of yourself in this month’s mood board♡

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