How to Make the Most of Black Friday 2017

I’m not sure about y’all, but Black Friday has become a tradition in my family over the years. From surviving the chaotic holiday rush, to the delicious mid-day power-fuel lunch, to finding that perfect Christmas present, it may be one my all time favorite “holidays.” My family likes to make it an all-day long extravaganza, and I can’t wait to do it again this year! Whether you do the same, or you only like to do it for a few hours, I’ve got a few tips of advice for you… Beside the obvious things, like stocking up on Starbucks caffeine, wearing comfy clothes, etc. Keep reading to see how to make the most out of this holiday!

1) Go to a bigger mall!!

This may seem like a no brainer, but it is SUPER important to making the day bearable. Instead of weaving your ay through people pressed up against your side, you’ll be able to breathe and enjoy a little bit of personal space. Luckily, my family has been meeting in Atlanta for the past few years, and I have three different malls at my fingertips. (Last year, we went to two!) If you don’t have this luxury, you’ll still survive, but going to the biggest mall you can will definitely help!

2) Have at least an idea of what you’re looking for

So, our thing is that my grandma takes us Black Friday shopping to buy us our Christmas present a little bit early! However, every year I have zero idea of what I want. Thanksgiving night, I look online for ideas of what I might possibly be interested in, and then I go from there. Last year, it was a Kate Spade purse. The year before that, Michael Kors sunglasses. (Both links are different from what I actually purchased, couldn’t find either of last year’s deals!) It’s helpful to know “Oh, I’m on the hunt for a faux fur coat, or I am looking for a pair of metallic booties!” (Those are pretty in, right now, btw 😉

3) Make sure you fuel up! 

It’s no secret that you have to wake up early for Black Friday (something that I am not really ~used to~ doing,) so you’re bound to get tired throughout the day. Pick a fun spot to fuel up (my favorite is the Neiman Marcus Cafe!) on yummy food & of course, a glass of bubbly. You’ll feel refreshed and energized to keep shopping!

4) Explore stores out of your typical realm

Going off of having an idea of what you are looking for, you also should not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! You never know what could be waiting for you… Seriously. Sometimes the best finds on Black Friday are things you weren’t looking for. (AKA – last year I found purple booties at Nordstrom that my aunt bought behind my back as a surprise for Christmas morning!)

5) Don’t forget about the comfy Black Friday: Cyber Monday

Last, but not least, remember that you always have the next few days to shop online! Maybe you never end up finding what you’re looking for in stores, or maybe some things you see spark a lot more ideas in your head. The good news is: the sales just keep coming!! You can shop your little heart out online for the next 72 hours! In fact, check out below some of my favorite sales that will be happening soon, or that are possibly already happening, both in stores and online!

Shop Till You Drop (Or until you get tired of scrolling…)

Kate Spade: 30% off everything with code “GIVEJOY”! Ends Sunday at Midnight!

BaubleBar: 30% off everything with code “FRIDAY30”!

Forever 21: Has multiple holiday deals, such as $7 cozy sweaters

Henri Bendel: 30% off online & in store! You also usually receive different levels of free gifts after spending a certain amount! (This is a great one, I scored a super affordable phone case last Black Friday!)

Charlotte Russe: In store & online, EVERYTHING is $20, and shipping is FREE! Ends Friday!

Colourpop: BOGO lipsticks with the code “BOGOSTIX”

e.l.f.: 50% of

There are bound to be tons more! Feel free to check back at this site and/or follow along my IG stories on the day of to see what deals I see around the mall! I hope this helped you, whether with your game plan for the big day, or inspiring the place you’re excited to get the best deal at. Happy Shopping!♡


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