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There Are Less Than 100 Days Until My Wedding… Here’s How I’m Prepping

When Ryan and I signed the contract for our wedding venue, the wedding was 440 days away. I blinked, and now we’re below 100. It’s truly been the fastest time period of my life. They are not kidding when they say wedding planning flies by. I cannot believe how quickly it’s approaching. With that said, …

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I’ve Been Waking Up Early 3x a Week to Work Out – Here’s How I Do It

If you know anything about me, it’s probably that I like to sleep. And I hate waking up early. These are usually the facts people learn about me first, and for good reason. In college, I slept past 12pm (read: usually 1pm) as often as I could. It was actually quite scary, looking back… anyway. …

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My Review of the SHOCK Fitness App: An At-Home Workout Game Changer

Hi all! If you follow along with me on Instagram, you probably know that I am partnering with SHOCK Fitness App to share about the app with my community. I could not be more grateful that they reached out, because I! Am! In! Love! With! This! App! Let me tell you… I was already a …