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Affordable Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone in Your Life

Happy (early) Holidays!! I am so excited that Christmas is right around the corner, and I hope you are too! I’m sure you’ve seen a MILLION gift guides on your Facebook feed, Instagram, and everything in between. While I’m not usually one to follow the crowd, gift guides are something there can never be too …

Lifestyle shopping

How to Make the Most of Black Friday 2017

I’m not sure about y’all, but Black Friday has become a tradition in my family over the years. From surviving the chaotic holiday rush, to the delicious mid-day power-fuel lunch, to finding that perfect Christmas present, it may be one my all time favorite “holidays.” My family likes to make it an all-day long extravaganza, …

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Why BasicInvite Stationary Should Be Your Go-To This Holiday Season

Hey guys! I am so excited to tell y’all about something I’ve been working on for a little while now!! BasicInvite reached out to me a bit ago and I couldn’t wait to collaborate with them. Their stationary is absolutely gorgeous. (Think: rose gold foil embossed…) Yes. Gorgeous. So of course, I immediately said yes, …