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Y’our Personalized Skincare: My Experience + Review

A few months ago, Y’our Skincare reached out to me. I loved the idea of personalized skincare, and was so excited to try the products. Below I will talk a bit about my experience, including the process of receiving the right ingredients for me as well as using the products and my results. The first …

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The Skincare Routine I Fell In Love With, From A Girl Who Used to Never Even Wash Her Face

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been spending the last six months falling in love with taking care of my skin. As the title suggests, I never even used to wash my face. At least, not every day. I also used to go to bed with my makeup on all the time. …

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Skincare Essentials for Winter with Live Botanical

The cold weather has finally arrived, along with a plethora of twinkle lights, an unending playlist of Christmas music, and an abundance of holiday cheer in the air! I know this past weekend was freezing cold (literally) almost everywhere… it even snowed here in ALABAMA! While I enjoyed the view of flakes falling outside my …