December Mood Board

This month marks not only the end of a year, but the end of a decade. What a wild thought! The past ten years have been absolutely incredible and I can’t think of a better note to go out on than this gorgeous, sparkly, sentimental and jubliant December 2019.

This month marks the end the year I followed my dreams and moved to NYC. It marks the end of the year that Ryan and I ended long-distance. It marks the end of the year I started my career, and so much more! I want to spend this month focusing on reflection. Thinking back on not only the past twelve months, but the past ten years. If I’ve learned only one thing in this decade it’s that TIME. DOES. NOT. SLOW. DOWN.

In fact, it only gets faster.

That’s why I want to think back and commemorate the past milestones from this decade. Celebrate the wins, relish in the accomplishments, remember the growing pains, mourn the losses, laugh at the mistakes, and don’t forget to thank those who were there along the way. Everything in the past ten years has happened for a reason and all of it has shaped us into who we are moving into 2020.

I hope you find a piece of yourself in this month’s mood board and I hope you’ll join in me in reflecting this December♡

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