February Mood Board

January was the perfect length for me. It didn’t fly by but it didn’t take its sweet time. I feel like it was truly the exact length a month should last. However, I know February will go by in a blink. It’s a short month to begin with. Plus, there’s so much going on. The snow is coming down, the Valentine cards are heating up, and slow weekend mornings are just waiting for us to read our favorite books with a cup of tea.

I am so excited for February and all it will bring. This month, I’m focusing on challenging myself. I don’t normally go out my way to challenge myself, but after I kept up with my new workout ritual for all of January, I’m feeling inspired. I’m ready to crush February as well. And, I’m challenging myself professionally, too. (More to come on that, soon!)

I hope this month you challenge yourself too. Whether it’s to meditate more, like you’ve always said you wanted to, drinking more water, or putting in more time on that side project you’re working on. Let’s challenge ourselves for all of February, and we’ll be so excited to see the results on March 1st.

See you right back here, then xx

Comment below the ways you’re going to challenge yourself this month, and I hope you enjoy the February 2021 Mood Board. ♡

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