Intern Diaries: Arriving in LA

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, this summer I am interning at ENTITY Magazine in Los Angeles! I am so excited for both the internship program, (which entails so so many exciting things), and for exploring Los Angeles, as I have never been to California before.

Yesterday I hopped on a flight to LAX (with a dream and a denim jacket, sorry, Miley) and landed around noon California time! The past 24 hours have been a complete whirlwind. I wanted to do a quick little post about traveling here, and the amazing accommodations at where I will be staying for the next seven weeks! I was already planning on doing an Intern Diaries series this summer, so I thought this post would be a great first installment!

Without further ado, I present to you – Intern Diaries: Arriving in LA!

My parents were out of town this weekend so my sister dropped me off at the airport! I had bought brand new luggage, which you can find here, and I was so excited to get to LAX!

I had also bought new shoes, and I’m in love with them! knew the flight wouldn’t be too long, but it wouldn’t be short either. I dropped off my bags, received my printed boarding pass, grabbed a Venti iced black coffee with Toffee Nut and no cream (the best, try it), and headed to the gate! Only five hours stood between me and the adventure of a lifetime!! 

After my flight landed I picked up my bags, and jumped in a taxi. It was a true movie moment. I knew there were lots of palm trees here, but they are literally EVERYWHERE. It was unreal.  I stared out the window like a typical tourist and watched as we zoomed past a million cars and street signs I had only seen on TV! Soon we got off at the exit for DTLA and I was mesmerized. Cities will always have my heart. I knew what my building looked like so I was searching for it with my eyes and took in all the other beautiful hotels and apartments while doing so. Soon we arrived at LEVEL and I knew immediately it was going to be even more luxurious and incredible than I had been envisioning.

The cab driver dropped me off at Valet, and a bellhop helped me load all three suitcases onto a luggage cart. I checked in at the front desk where I received multiple menus, brochures, and two cards for free SoulCycle classes. I was handed my key and took the elevator up to the 18th floor.

Our. Room. Is. Incredible. First of all, we have a doorbell, if that tells you anything… and then you open the door and there’s a long entry hallway complete with artwork, two closets, and a full length wall mirror.

Then you reach the kitchen, which is STUNNING. It’s fully stocked with all utensils, plates, wine glasses, cookware, a toaster, two coffee makers, and so much more! The fridge also has a filtered water system!


Next is the living room, which is so cute & cozy! It’s crazy how different the room feels during the day versus the night, mainly because the wall is all window. The view is great, we can see the rooftop cinema grill, the basketball court, and the pool! We also have a very nice sized balcony, that I can’t wait to spend evenings or weekend mornings on!

Then lastly, there are our two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are four of us total, so two to each! We have some pretty stunning bathroom, and our rooms are a bit tight corners (and only have one closet) but how can we complain when we’re living somewhere as lavish as this?!

After unpacking and making myself cozy in the room, I spent some time just enjoying the view, watching Netflix in my new favorite corner, and ordering sushi from the in-house restaurant that offers a discount and free delivery for LEVEL guests!

It was even better than it looks. I was in Heaven! It’s dangerous that this place is so easy to order delivery from, hehe. After dinner I watched more TV and then took a long hot shower. I enjoyed having this huge place all to myself but I couldn’t wait to meet my roomies! A few minutes later my first suitemate, Alejandra arrived! I hung out with her for a little bit while she unpacked and then we both went to sleep. When I woke up, my roommate, Kelsee had arrived! We all spent the morning hanging out, chatting, getting ready and making plans. I checked out the coffee shop in the building (10/10 would recommend) and soon we’re going to head out to go grocery shopping!

Now that the first day is really underway, it’s starting to finally feel real! I can’t believe I just “moved” to LA! I’m so excited for what’s in store. I hope you guys have enjoyed the first installment of Intern Diaries, and please please please comment below what part of the internship you’d like to see me post about! I’ll definitely be doing one on “A Day in the Life”, and “What to Wear” but I definitely want suggestions from YOU!♡

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