Intern Diaries: Free Women Art Exhibit Launch Party

As many of you know, I am interning at ENTITY Magazine this summer in Los Angeles, California! It has been a whirlwind past few weeks getting settled in and figuring out the hang of things, but we are officially in motion. (If you missed my post about arriving in LA, or my first long weekend exploring, check them out!) So, on Thursday of our second week, we had a “launch party” for the internship, but it was mainly an art gallery opening! We just kind of combined two events into one.

Celebrity photographer Diana Gomez chose ENTITY HQ to house her new Free Women exhibit, and we couldn’t have been more honored. We went all out for the event, as Diana’s work deserved. It was also ENTITY’s first time hosting a major event at our headquarters, so we were very excited. We had hosted dinners and such before, but never an art gallery or large party!

I knew I wasn’t prepared for “a cool LA party” but I seriously was NOT prepared for just how cool it was. First of all, I was beyond ready to attend, as we were allowed to work from home the day of the party, so I got to write that day’s three assignments from the comfort of my pajamas and the amazing couch in my living room at LEVEL. I then spent over an hour doing my hair and makeup and accessorizing my brand new black dress. Our ride picked us up at 6pm and we headed to the office in East LA.

Jordan getting ready for the event

The second I arrived I knew I was in over my head. The kitchen had caterers in it cutting up GOLD COVERED sushi. There were two different cocktail bars setting up in the main room as well as a DJ. All of Diana’s amazing photos were spread out among multiple different rooms,  and a live singer was sound checking her microphone. I truly couldn’t believe this was real life. What really hit me was when I was checking out the silent auction room and there was the hat that Lady Gaga wore on her album cover up for bid. WHAT? I literally had to pinch myself.


It didn’t feel real. Throughout the evening I started to get tired (imagine that, I’d been working 9-6 for the past two weeks) so I sat in the front room for a little bit helping people check in on the guest list. However, then I decided to go back up and snag a few more of the amazing hors d’oeuvres that were being served. (Teeny bite sized tacos, gold covered potatoes with caviar and creme fresh, quail eggs, and cookies with CELEBRITY PHOTOS on them!) I also treated myself to a glass of red wine (it was an open bar after all) and ended up having a conversation with the woman who performed. We bonded over my star earrings, because she said she has them in every size, and we also discussed what my dreams and goals were. We took some pics and then it was time to go!

Overall, it was a mind-blowingly cool event and I can’t believe I got to attend, not only as a guest, but as someone who works at ENTITY!! How stinkin’ cool! Please enjoy these photos from the evening, and feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments about the event or my internship below♡

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