January Mood Board

Wow!! It’s been a whole year… again!! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Last January feels like it was just a few days ago! I remember sending out a reader survey for my one year blog anniversary and I asked for feedback on monthly mood boards, and people said they loved them!

So, I decided to keep doing them, and I have fallen in love with them! So, here we are for 2019, starting off with a January Mood Board! This month’s theme… COZY! It’s a little different from last year’s January, where we chose to focus on the sparkle of life ✨ Last January was amazing, and I know this one will be too. Coziness is so so important, and some people don’t choose to prioritize it.

Making yourself cozy means to make yourself comfortable, to slow yourself down…etc. To feel happiness, pleasant, warm. This month include travel, the chaos of New Year’s Eve, and going back to grad school. All these things are wildly important, and that’s why I’m choosing to remain feeling cozy through it all. I want to embrace this month and all that comes with it. I hope you will join me♡

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