January Mood Board

2020 has arrived I could not be more excited! I love the fresh-start feeling that comes with every New Year’s Eve, but I especially loved this one. To me, this New Year has represented that Taylor Swift lyric, “It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age.”

This line has been stuck in my head on repeat, and I could not be more ready to dive head first into this beautiful, sparkly, colorful new age. 2020 will be my first full year of living in New York City, my first full year of working at my (not-so-new-anymore) new job, and so much more. I have so much excitement about what the future has in store! The older I get, the more I learn that I like to be surprised by what’s to come. Sure, I like to plan and have goals, but I know if 2020 will be anything like 2019, then there are so many incredible experiences to come.

Join me in focusing on diving into the new age this month. Make the most of each and every day, deepen your relationships, try new things, take care of yourself and don’t forget to rest in the shiny, glimmering hope of a fresh start. ♡

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