July Mood Board

The Fourth of July felt different this year, as it should have. One year ago on on the Fourth, I was celebrating with my family and friends at the beach, on a boat, while drinking champagne. When I captured a cute photo that day to remember the moment, I never imaged that a year later we’d be in the midst of a pandemic and an uprising against the social injustice that has polluted our country for so long.

I have so much i could say, and I shared some on my IG stories, (my BLM Highlight is not going anywhere) but one thing I will say is that on days like the Fourth of July, I choose to focus on the positive. Despite the circumstances, I’m so proud of what I’ve witnessed in these past few months. On the Fourth this year, for every drinkI enjoyed, every board game I played and every sparkler I lit, I followed them up with action.

Happy July and Happy Independence Day. Know that we don’t have true freedom until everyone is free. I have faith we will get there someday and until then, I’m dreaming of, longing for and working for it. 🇺🇸

I hope you’ll join me!♡

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