March Mood Board

I know this post is a few days late… in the two years I’ve been working on Coffee with Jordan Lee, I have never missed a mood board, and every single one has gone live on the first of the month.

However, March 2019 presented me with a challenge. February’s quick + early end snuck up on me, and before I could blink, it was March 1. Grad school responsibilities called my name, especially with spring break approaching faster than I could say, “Oh, wait, it’s March.” So, this month I’m taking from real life. This month, I’m focusing on Grace.

Grace to myself, Grace to others, and most importantly — God’s Grace. I want to extend grace freely, to everyone around me, completely unwarranted. I want to give myself grace when I miss something, or fall behind. We’re only human, and we’ll never have to forgive others or ourselves more than God forgives/forgave us.

Spend the month of March intentionally seeking grace, and extending it at all possible chances. I know it may be difficult at first, but notice how much changes when you do! I read once that grace will take you further than any amount of “hustling” ever could.

So happy March, happy [almost] Spring! Let us sit back and let grace do its thing. ♡

Don’t forget to download your monthly phone wallpaper! MARCH MOOD BOARD // GRACE NOT PERFECTION // LET SPRING BEGIN // GRACE // MARCH CALENDAR

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