March Mood Board

This month SNUCK up on me! I was just scrolling on my phone, minding my own business on the train when I glanced at my calendar and realized it said “March 1.” What?! How does time go by so quickly…? As fast paced and fun-filled January and February were, I want to spend March taking things a little more slowly. I want to enjoy the minimalistic aspects, the tabula rasa of a new month… Yes, I’m starting the month with a clean slate.

This is a month where I want to focus on some lifestyle changes. From small things like getting better about handling the many piles of laundry in my apartment, to the big things like budgeting and exercise… it’s time for a fresh start. I feel like I really indulged in the glitter gaze of “OMG it’s 2020!!” I enjoyed the vacation vibes of January, the hearts and champagne cocktails on Valentine’s Day, the weekend trips, the dining out, etc. And now it’s time to take care of myself, instead of just ~treat myself.

I have some exciting ways I want to do this, and hope to share more on them soon. So stay tuned, and for now, I encourage you to focus on what area of your life needs a fresh start. This month, the snow will melt, the flowers will start to bloom, and so will our new choice and motivations. Lean into them, and let them take you where they will ♡

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