May Mood Board

Okay, guys. I’m not being dramatic or cute or funny when I say that I feel like I was JUST writing the May Mood Board for 2017. I cannot believe a year went by so fast!! May is kind of a funky month because school is ending but summer hasn’t started, so we’re in a little bit of a weird in-between.

However, now that I’m graduating and am done with school, I’m choosing to embrace the in-between and rest in it. I mean, I am about to graduate COLLEGE! (Seriously, people. If you’re reading this after 4:30pm CST today, then, T-minus 72 hours until I’m officially a University of Alabama Alumn!) But anyway, that’s something to celebrate! I worked extremely hard for the past four years, and learned a lot along the way. [If you missed my post yesterday about what these past four years at Alabama, check it out here!] Now that it’s over, it’s time to relax. While I can’t rest forever, I do deserve to rest a for a bit, especially in the little things. I will rest in the time spent with my family, (my extended family♡) who is coming to TTown for the big day this weekend! I will rest in the victory of no more research papers.  I will rest in quality time with my boyfriend, who I only see once a month during the school year. I will rest in the truth that my friendships and college memories do not end here. Graduation is simply the beginning of a new chapter.

Additionally, I will rest in the fact that adventure lies ahead. I am doing something very exciting this summer (Keep your eyes peeled, very soon!) and I could not be happier! I cannot wait to grow both personally and professionally, and to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime right after graduating. The end of May marks the start of this adventure, and until then, I’m resting in photos of airplanes, cute brunches, and graduation celebrations. I hope you will rest this month as well. All my love & light!!☀


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