May Mood Board

I can’t believe May is here… how is 2019 already almost halfway over?! It is crazy to me how fast time flies! Especially when I think that I just started grad school, and in three days I’m receiving my diploma…

It hasn’t hit me yet that this time it’s really the end of school for me. I will not be returning to Tuscaloosa in the fall, like I have for the past four years. This month I’m packing up my things, driving back to Orlando, and then…. I’m not sure. Haha. Life is one big question mark right now, and surprisingly, I think I’m okay with that.

At first, I wasn’t. But then I started to think about how life works and what I really want to do and I acknowledged how far I have come so far, and how much work I’ve put in. I know the right job opportunity will come along soon, and until I does, I will spend the next few weeks embracing my [last] time off [ever], and enjoying time with my family. This month, I’m focusing on blooming where I’m planted.

No matter what your situation may look like right now, focus on making the most out of it! You can bloom where you’re planted too, no matter what. If where you’re planted isn’t a great place to grow, focus on how you can move. There are always changes that can be made. I know that April showers truly do bring May flowers, and I hope you feel encouraged to bloom with grace this season♡

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