May Mood Board

Does everyone else feel like April went by in the blink of an eye? This has been a crazy time. Part of me feels like I’ve been #StayingAtHome for six months and part of me feels like I was just on the subway yesterday. It’s unreal!

Despite the circumstances, I am excited for the fresh start that a new month always brings and to see what’s in store for May 2020. I plan to continue focusing on the positives of each day and to take in the little wonders that are all around us.

Whether it’s the incredible late Spring weather that Florida is offering us for the first time in 25 years, the fun recipes we’ve made, the music we’ve discovered, the creativity we’ve been able to let flow, or the new connections we’ve made during this time, I’m counting it all as treasure. I never want to feel like I’ve wasted a day, or a week, or especially a month.

So let’s spend May taking it all in and not taking a single second for granted. I hope you find a piece of yourself and your story in this mood board♡

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