May Mood Board

This year’s April showers came and went and they did indeed bring May flowers. And they are nothing short of beautiful. I am absolutely in awe of both the physical and the figurative flowers that this month has blossomed. Not only are she streets of Brooklyn dotted with gorgeous cherry trees, tulips and callery pears, but the city itself is springing back to life as well.

The Governor has announced that by July 1st, the city will be fully reopen, with many things fully open in as little as two weeks. In just three days I get my second vaccine, and I cannot wait to feel the city and its energy again. I have been able to hug Ryan’s family in person last month, and I’ll get to hug mine at the end of this one. I am counting down the seconds.

This month, along with the weather, I am focusing on the concept of rebirth 🦋 There is something so beautiful about a blank canvas… something so fulfilling in the art of starting over. I hope you find a piece of yourself in this month’s mood board and I hope you enjoy blossoming anew this May 🌸

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