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Everyone knows that Florida is H-O-T hot! It’s no secret that the humidity here is out of control and that the Sunshine State is usually more filled rain than sun rays. But, today for ONCE, the sun came out, and I was so excited to actually wear real clothes! (I’ve been living in t-shirts and Nike shorts, because, rain.)

So, I recently got a new pair of denim shorts from American Eagle and I thought today would be the perfect day to wear them! I had some errands to run in the afternoon, and then I’m going on a casual dinner & movie date with my boyfriend tonight. So new two-toned denim shorts it is! (PS. These are on sale right now for under $35!!) But what to wear with them? I honestly knew I couldn’t wear what I wanted to wear with them, because I would be too hot. I wanted to wear a super cute lightweight deep magenta crop top, but it’s long-sleeved and cinch-waisted and I didn’t want to deal with it in this heat! So instead I raided my mother’s closet and found this adorable floral tank top! It’s sooo soft and comfy, and tucks in beautifully to the shorts.

IMG_5838 copy


At first I was worried about mixing the two different patterns, but the second I looked in the mirror I knew I liked it! I thought the floral mix was a PERFECT complement to the two-toned denim and that it worked perfectly. I completed the outfit with a high pony, pearl earrings, and a coral colored cross body. I also wore one of my favorite pair of heels that also happened to be the perfect color for this outfit!

IMG_5841 copy


I think Mixing & Matching can be so so, fun! And sometimes, it’s needed. Fashion is a lot of things, but it’s never boring. Some other mixing & matching trends that I’ve seen lately are listed below! Have you seen some of your own? Comment below!!

  1. Black and Navy (This is supposedly a no-no, but Marissa Webb kicks that myth to the curb!)
  2. Denim on denim (Even denim jackets in general are making a comeback, but mixing them with other denim is in style! Check out how famous fashion bloggers, Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Thrifts and Threads wear theirs here and here!
  3. Leather and Flannel (Yes, I know, you’re thinking WHAT?! Seriously though… Look at how Pink Neon Lips flawlessly rocks this combo here!)

Well, that’s all for now… Keep your eyes peeled for more mixing and matching coming around for the Summer and Fall seasons!

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