My Homecoming Gameday with OTBT

When I was approached by OTBT Shoes last month, I was ecstatic! I have heard about this company before, and seen their shoes all over campus for the past three years, but have never purchased them for myself. I was so excited to be offered a pair for Alabama’s Homecoming Game against Arkansas this weekend! (Roll Tide!)

So, I was used to the traditional OTBT wedges look, as it’s definitely the most popular, but I wanted to try a pair that is a little bit more my style. After all, I knew I would be wearing the shoes for more than just football games! I perused the website for a bit, and finally fell head over heels for the Jaunt wedges. It was love at first sight, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

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One of the biggest things OTBT is known for is that their shoes are extremely comfortable. I knew that going in, but I was not prepared for just how comfortable they truly are. I was in love after one step. The description of the Jaunt wedges on their website says “The black basic you’ve been waiting for, make a statement in OTBT’s upfront design on our iconic platform wedge. Jaunt is made with buttery leather and a front-stitch detail with an adjustable ankle strap for a personalized fit. Its unique wrapped wedge design and contoured footbed are crafted with the stylish traveler in mind.” That’s the other thing I love about this company… OTBT stands for Off The Beaten Track, and that’s exactly what they are! They’re unlike any other shoe I’ve ever seen or tried on, and that makes them extremely unique. They are made specifically for the wanderlust; those who love traveling, exploring, and seeing the world, in style. That’s me! They aren’t lying about that buttery leather thing either… seriously, people… SO. COMFORTABLE. Now I know why these shoes are SO popular on gamedays. We stand for hours at a time every Saturday in Bryant-Denny, but in OTBTs that won’t be a problem at all.



For my #otbtgameday look, I chose to style the wedges with a classic Alabama jersey and a pleated black skirt. I wore my hair both down and in a ponytail, as games can get hot and I usually end up putting my hair up. I also decided to add a few gold accessories and a trusty pair of black sunglasses!


These shoes would go perfectly with any gameday look, as well as a million other outfits. In fact, the day my shoes arrived I wore them out to dinner & drinks downtown with my roommates! That’s when I realized how comfortable they are and how much I LOVE them!! I am so grateful to OTBT for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with them, and I cannot WAIT to wear these all the time. Happy Gameday from me and OTBT Shoes!


OTBT gifted me with a pair of Jaunt wedges, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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