New Year, New Smile: Thanks to Smile Brilliant

I have been wanting to whiten my teeth a very long time. I’ve tried Crest whitening strips, Colgate’s whitening pen, you name it! None of them really gave me the results I was hoping for. If you know me, then you know I’m a little bit like that Russell Dickerson song, Every Little Thing, where he says “She runs on coffee and red wine.” My two favorite beverages are some of the best drinks out there, but they aren’t exactly great for my teeth…

Enter Smile Brilliant – the at home whitening toolkit that uses the exact same science dentists use, for a fraction of the cost! When I heard about these kits, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited when I was offered to try it, because I just knew it would help whiten my teeth in ways I haven’t been able to do before!

The Process

The first step in the Smile Brilliant process to create your impressions. The company sends you customized whitening trays  shaped to fit your teeth perfectly [how amazing is that?] and in order to do so, they need impressions of your teeth. So, they first send you some paste that you put into blue trays and bite down on for about three to five minutes. Afterwards, you pull out the paste, let it harden overnight, and boom! you have your impressions to send back. What I loved about this part of the process was that Smile Brilliant sent extremely detailed instructions and photos to help ensure the process goes smoothly. If you do send an impression that they can’t use, they mail you the tray back and more paste so you can redo it. They also tell you that you can always send them a photo of an impression before you mail it back so they can tell you if it looks good to go or not!

Customized Trays

After you mail in your impressions, a few days later you receive your custom made trays. These things are amazing, let me tell you!! I had braces for four years, a retainer for a few years, and I have two permanent retainers. In all my years of dental work I’ve never felt something like these. They look like retainers, but they kind of roll over your teeth and lay flat? I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but my friends and family have definitely heard me try, haha! They go on so easily, and stay in place. You can talk normally, and go about your life while wearing them, which was important to me because they need to stay on for a while each night [ranging from an hour to three!]

Things To Note

I didn’t notice a lot of sensitivity in my gums or teeth. I know some people do, and Smile Brilliant has a lot of great tips on how to lessen the amount of sensitivity felt. Luckily, I didn’t have that, even though I bought vaseline and everything and was very prepared to, haha! [Sensitivity happens more with tray whitening than other kinds of whitening methods because it’s a deeper stain removal process!]

It’s best to not eat or drink for a long while after whitening, and that is why the recommended time to whiten is right before bed.

Another thing to note is that results will be achieved best if used consistently. As a grad student, I have a crazy + busy schedule [sometimes including travel] and I definitely took a week off from whitening here and there… Once I started doing it every night or every other night, I really started to see some changes! [My straight-on smile is a little hard to see so here are my pearly whites, and then a before and after comparison]


If any of this sounds like Smile Brilliant is the whitening process best for you, [and it is!] then you have the chance to try it for FREE! The Smile Brilliant whitening kit is $149, which is already a total steal. However, I know it’s pricier than all the alternatives [because it’s the most effective] and so sometimes the price can keep us from trying something. Now, you don’t have to be held back. You can receive your very own kit completely free. All you have to do is enter the giveaway HERE!!

—–> I have absolutely loved whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant and I want you to have the same experience! Good, good luck!!♡

PS. If you don’t win the giveaway, you can still use the code “jordanleemiller15” for 15% off!!

Do you have any questions about the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit? Have any comments or concerns of your own? Be sure to comment down below, I would love to hear from you and help answer any questions or calm any nerves you have about teeth whitening!

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***Smile Brilliant gifted me with a free teeth whitening kit, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own***

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