November Mood Board

If I’m being honest, I’m still mentally in November 2019. That month was the start of the holidays last year. It was the the month where I had the opportunity to travel to Big Sur, California with my entire family to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. It was the month my boyfriend and I flew to Atlanta for Thanksgiving together for the third year in a row, but it was the first time we did it living together, rather than flying in from different states because we were dating long distance. Basically, the month was just too good to be true.

I do think it would be pretty impossible for November 2020 to beat it, but it’s only fair if I give this month a fighting chance. I will still be spending Thanksgiving with my family. We will still get to indulge in our traditions of drinking Starbucks during the morning and watching the (virtual?) parade, and we will still dig into leftovers early on Friday morning. Being with family (or friends, friends are the family we choose) is what matters, so in my book, November 2020 already checks all the boxes.

I want to spend this month focusing on the love. 2020 has been such an emotional roller coaster of a year, and I know it won’t end when Jan 1st hits. But until this pandemic is over, I want to fight with every part of me to stay as positive as possible. Lean into the love. I’ve done more Zoom calls with my family this year then we ever have in the past. I’ve sent more hand-written letters to friends in the past few months than I have in my 25 years of life. Despite all the craziness and heartbreak going on, you can still always find the love. The love, the love, the love.

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” -Maya Angelou

This month, whether you’re near or far, I hope that the phone calls with loved ones double (or triple), the wine flows, the candles burn, the leaves fall, and the apple pie is made. And I hope that when you take the first bite and it tastes like home, you remember just how loved you truly are.

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