My Experience and Review of Nuuly Clothing Rental

If you have never heard of Nuuly, it is a clothing rental company! I hadn’t heard of it until my friend posted about it on her social media and then of course I started getting the ads for it on all channels. Aforementioned friend also did a try-on haul of her first month of Nuuly and I fell IN LOVE with one of the items she shared. Through the screen, I knew it was love at first sight and I had to have it. But how to get my hands on it?

Enter Nuuly. I immediately signed up for the service and I had so much fun perusing the website and taking in the hundreds of options of clothes they have. Nuuly offers such cute and trendy pieces that span across all categories and seasons, casual to formal, summer to fall, coats to tank tops, etc. You get the picture. The world is your oyster with this company. I mainly told myself I was signing up for the red dress, but honestly, two seconds into the process I was hooked. With so many unique and exclusive brands to choose from, I knew that this was going to be something special.


Nuuly is an incredibly user-friendly platform! The set-up is so simple and you don’t have to worry about annoying things like late fees or cancellation fees. You simply choose the six items you want for the month, wear them, and return them. (You can also keep any of the six items if you fall in love with them, and you can purchase the clothes at a discounted rate which is really nice!) Your Nuuly portal clearly lays out the retail price of each item and how much it would cost you to purchase from your monthly rental.


So for my first month, I chose (obviously) the Red Dress that I had been eyeing, a flowy and patterned maxi skirt, a wrap around top, a bell-sleeved sweater, a cute orange pocket blouse and an incredibly comfortable pair of pink paper-bag shorts. I thoroughly checked all the reviews and sizes as closely as possible and once I knew it was ready, I clicked “Submit.” I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, but I also acknowledged that I had no clue what to expect. Would I like wearing gently used clothing? Would I be okay with only having these cute clothes for a month? What if certain items didn’t fit? I told myself to just go with the flow, and I was truly ready for the experience and all that would entail.

When my Nuuly arrived, I couldn’t believe how cute and sustainable the brand was already. I wasn’t expecting my order to come in a stylish little reusable suitcase, but it did. I wasn’t expecting my order to not be wrapped in plastic bags, covers or boxes, but it wasn’t. I was SO impressed and I couldn’t wait to try everything on.

I tried on all six items and miraculously, all six items fit!! I was so happy. The next morning, I wore my cute purple wrap top and crimped my hair and WOW I felt like a new person. The next few weeks and days were filled with instances of getting to style my Nuuly pieces and I couldn’t believe how effortless and fun this process was. I rocked the orange blouse in a few too many selfies, I wore the pink paper bag shorts EVERYWHERE around Brooklyn (and Manhattan) and of course, the Red Dress was everything I hoped for and more.

While I wanted to keep it all, I knew that A – I can’t afford that and B – That’s the whole point of renting clothes: to borrow them and then send them on their way to their next happy home. I zipped up all my items (except the red dress, that one’s mine forever) and then stuck the pre-printed and pre-paid UPS label into the clear pouch. I walked two blocks around the corner to my local UPS spot, dropped off the bag, and that was that. It was just as easy as it was to order my Nuuly.

Two days later the company confirmed they received my clothes back safe and sound and they told me the date I could order my next Nuuly. I’ve ordered it and I feel SO confident now that I know I love renting clothes and I can’t wait to continue this monthly subscription!


My overall takeaway from trying Nuuly is that you should always try something that interests you like this, even if it is outside your comfort zone. I’ve always thought I only liked to shop. To purchase and own one million and one clothes. However, after my first month of Nuuly, when I’m out shopping, I have caught myself spying something cute and saying “Eh, I don’t need that. I’ll just look for a similar style for my next Nuuly and then I can try that style out for a month.” It’s truly such a shopping resource. Maybe you don’t think you’d like maxi dresses so you’ve never bought one. Throw one in your first Nuuly and who knows, you might be surprised!

On the opposite side of the coin, I also love finding a new style I like (cough, cough, my purple wrap top) and knowing I can now be on the lookout for something similar! Nuuly is the perfect mix of playing dress up and shopping for real and I couldn’t be more excited to have discovered it!♡

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