October Mood Board

Well, another September has come and gone. While I always hate to see my favorite month go, I’m also grateful that fall always comes next. October, November and December all combined into one equal my favorite time of year. September is my favorite month by itself, but the season of Fall is a totally new story.

October is such a beautiful month, assisting us in ushering in an even more beautiful season. The arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, and crisp Fall air is just the beginning. So much lies on the horizon, with so many beautiful things to appreciate throughout the season.

This month I am going to be focusing on embracing the slow moments. The season ahead is a busy one, and if we blink, we might miss it. I want to make sure I enjoy every minute of the next three months, not just because it’s my favorite time of year, but also because it’s my last fall as a student. Grad school keeps me extremely busy, but I will not let that stop me from enjoying the stillness and the festivities of the month that lies ahead.

Embrace the moments where you have some time for yourself. Explore a new hobby. Read a good book. I’m guilty of always turning to Netflix, but sometimes, switching it up can be exactly what you needed.

I hope you identify with this month’s focus and mood board. Will you join me in embracing the slow moments this October?♡

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PS. This month we are once again adding matching mood board phone wallpapers! I really hope you guys enjoy these and use them! Please comment below if you do 🙂

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