Trend Report: Bright Maxi Dresses

As of Wednesday, Summer is officially here! I for one couldn’t be happier that the season full of sunshine, beach time and RELAXATION has finally arrived. With all of the end-of-year mayhem settling down in May, and just starting to get into the swing of things in early June, I’m glad the summer solstice hits…… Continue reading Trend Report: Bright Maxi Dresses

Mixing & Matching

Everyone knows that Florida is H-O-T hot! It’s no secret that the humidity here is out of control and that the Sunshine State is usually more filled rain than sun rays. But, today for ONCE, the sun came out, and I was so excited to actually wear real clothes! (I’ve been living in t-shirts and…… Continue reading Mixing & Matching

MDW Necessities

Hey, everyone! I am sorry I have been a little AWOL lately… getting into the swing of things has proven to be a little more hectic than I thought! But I am officially a working (interning) girl! I work 9-5 on M/W and on the other days find time to squeeze in some quality family…… Continue reading MDW Necessities

Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

Hey guys! The clock is ticking… there are approximately 45 minutes left until it’s officially Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll be posting about some MDW necessities soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but first I just wanted to post a little something, because y’all know me, and I’m all about music. Any time, any…… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

7 Ways to Jumpstart your Summer

It’s officially summer time, which means goodbye, textbooks and hellllloooo, vacation! I can’t wait for the constant smell of sunscreen, endless amount of umbrella drinks, and of course the greatest feeling ever of not knowing what day of the week it is. However, getting into the swing of things always proves to be a little…… Continue reading 7 Ways to Jumpstart your Summer

Studying Playlist

It’s that time of year again… Finals. Who doesn’t hate finals? I mean, seriously. Personally, I do like some parts of them. Like, not having to go to class, eating more food than normal, (because, brain power, duh), and getting to post dramatic gifs on Twitter because I “just can’t do it” anymore. But, unfortunately,…… Continue reading Studying Playlist