Attending the Popsugar x Freeform “Party of Five” Premiere

This week I had the exciting opportunity to attend a TV show screening and premiere party for the new Freeform show, Party of Five. It was so much fun to go to my first blogging event in NYC as a resident, and I was so in awe of how this is just something I got to do on a Tuesday night. What a whirlwind!

When I arrived to the space near Union Square, I checked my coat and headed straight to the bar. (Duh!) There were themed cocktails on the displayed menu, as well as a beer and wine list. I ordered the “Bright Side” which was basically a mojito and it was delish. I sipped it as I walked around and took in everything around me. There was a red carpet and TV show backdrop for guests to take photos in front of. There were well-dressed cocktail waiters walking around with crazy cool presentations of hors’ dourves, and there was even a table to order a personalized and monogrammed handkerchief.

After everyone had some time to enjoy snacking on shrimp tacos and Mexican popcorn, Maria from Popsugar came out and asked everyone to take their seats for the screening. The show was phenomenal. It’s funny, it’s heartbreaking, it’s moving, it’s relevant… all around an emotional rollercoaster of a show and I enjoyed every second! I also cried, and was pretty bummed I didn’t have my new monogrammed handkerchief to dry my tears with.

Following the screening, the cast came out for a Q + A. It was really cool to see the actors I just watched on screen right in front of me, and I was excited to learn more about the show’s process and BTS fun. Brandon, Emily, Niko, and Elle were so personable, down-to-earth and fun! They answered Maria’s questions and the audience’s with care, and were sure to throw in extra details and off-set stories.

For the last part of the evening, everyone moved to a different area of the building for the “Party of Feels.” There was a DJ, another bar with the themed cocktails, a dessert station, a “Little Words Project” booth, a handkerchief station, and a gift back pick-up. I was overwhelmed and in awe!

The cast was walking around and talking to fans, which I thought was the absolute coolest part. They weren’t one of those casts who left right after the Q+A, or a cast who stands in the corner with each other. It was very cool. I wandered over to the dessert cart to grab a heart shaped churro and Mexican hot chocolate, and realized Niko was standing right next to me! I said hello to him and then meandered my way to pick up my handkerchief and pick out a bracelet from Little Words Project. My last stop was to grab a gift bag from the station and then I headed out to the train.

Thank you so much to Popsugar and Freeform for having me, I had such a wonderful time! The Party of Five pilot is streaming now on Hulu, and new episodes will air each Wednesday at 9/8c.

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