September Mood Board

I’m sure this isn’t a secret, as the board kind of speaks for itself, but September is my favorite month of the year. For many reasons. The first and foremost being that it’s my birthday month. Yes, I am one of “those” birthday people, and I love it. The second is that College Football returns (!!!!!), and the third is that it marks the start of Fall, my second favorite season. Since leaving Florida, I have finally had the opportunity to enjoy the leaves changing colors, the temperatures dropping, and all of the other exciting things that come with Fall’s arrival! And this month I can’t wait to celebrate my 22nd birthday, watch the Alabama Crimson Tide dominate football, and continue enjoying my senior year, while studying hard, of course. As always, I have a central focus for the month, and this time it’s rejoicing. I think it’s time we enjoy and actually celebrate more than just holidays. We’re all guilty of letting day-to-day routines tire us out, or dim our sparkle and general joy for life. This September, let’s all say no more. Let’s REJOICE because there is so much to feel good about! Even in the midst of stress and worries, when it feels like we don’t, we do. So, eat, drink and be merry this month! And if you feel like you can’t, do it for me, because it’s my birthday! 😉 I promise it will be a gift to you too. I hope you enjoy this mood board and find a little piece of yourself in it. Have a happy, happy, happy month of September♡

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