September Mood Board

September is one of my favorite months, and if you know me, you know why. I am a big birthday girl and my birthday is in September. In addition to celebrating my trip around the sun, I also always look forward to the month because it’s when we slowly but surely start to usher fall in, the start of college football comes back (Roll Tide!) and just about everything else feels like a new beginning.

This is usually due to the start of a new school year, but if you’ve been following along, you know I graduated in May and no longer have the “student” title as my identifying factor. Which, at first, was really scary (it still kind of is) but luckily, I have a few different new beginnings to experience in September this year.

This month I am moved to NYC (with my boyfriend who I’ve been dating long distance for three years) and I am also starting my first job. There’s a lot happening and I could not be more excited or terrified. I’ve wanted to live in NYC since I was ten years old, and I truly CANNOT believe it’s actually happening. Everyone I’ve talked to is asking me how it feels to have my “lifelong” dream come true. I tell them it feels very good to be following my heart. This big move and life change is a culmination of a lot of different things and instances where I chose to follow my heart. This month, I want to make sure I continue to do so. Whatever dream you’re going after, go after it with all you’ve got. There is no timeline. As long as it takes you, that’s the perfect length. Listen to your head, trust your gut, and follow your heart this September♡

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