September Mood Board

August did indeed slip away like a bottle of wine, and while I always wish time would slow down, September is my favorite (read: birthday) month and I am so excited to welcome it here! This month is a wild one. We are still in the middle of a pandemic, we are still fighting for racial justice and yet, some things have started to feel “normal”again. Or at least, we have found the new normal.

After flying back to New York, Ryan and I quarantined for two weeks because that is New York’s ruling, and we also wanted to be as safe and respectful of others as possible. Once our quarantine was up, we had the opportunity to explore the city and (safely) go out to eat and I am lovvving being back in my city!

This month is going to be an interesting one, as I’m still adjusting to full-time WFH out of our little one bedroom apartment, we’re going on a mini getaway for my 25th birthday, and we’re re-learning what it means to live in NYC during these times! I am focusing this month on leaning into the wilderness.

A couple months ago, I saw a music video for a song called “Into The Wild” where the artist sang and danced along the Brooklyn Bridge and in the city and I loved the juxtaposition of how the city is anything but the wilderness, and yet, you can still find yourself diving headfirst into the wild.

While things may be scary, new, and different than what we’re used to, we can focus on the fact that this brings a feeling of adventure and we can encourage ourself and others to find the best in every situation. Let’s go Into The Wild this September♡

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