Shiny, shimmery, splendid

To keep with the theme of this article’s title… My outfit last night took me to a “a whole new world.” I am so obsessed with it that I just had to blog about it.

So it was Saturday night, a GNO for me and my roommates. We don’t go out very much, so we planned a few days in advance, decided we would actually get dressed up, and made it kind of a thing.

I had recently been to the mall and bought a shirt that was a little bit “out-there” but was also very me. It’s extremely sparkly, multi-colored, and a lot of a crop top. That was the part that I wasn’t really ~used to~ but it was super on sale, so I was like why not. Girl’s Night Out seemed like the perfect chance to wear this and I was very excited to give it a try.  I wanted to post a link for y’all but the shoppable one only has pics of it that are ugly af, so I chose not to. You’ll be able to see it in pics at the bottom of the article!

While at the mall, I also scanned Sephora (because apparently I hate myself and my wallet) and I started thinking about what make up I would wear with the shirt. I instantly realized I had no “fun” colors of lipstick, and this shirt screamed fun. So obviously, I needed to buy new lipstick. I mean, that’s just logic. Duh.

So I searched the entire store for the perfect purple matte, because I don’t own anything even close to purple, and I figured it would work well with the shirt. After my entire wrist was covered in swatches, I finally decided on one. The good news is it was only $17. *insert sweaty sarcastic smiling emoji here* I wanted to buy the matching liner too but that was even more expensive. I swallowed my dignity and handed over my debit card. I took a deep breath. Stay Strong I told myself. Think of how cute you’ll look. The lady handed me back my piece of plastic that was now worth a whole lot less and I left the store. It’s fine. This is all fine. The instagram will be worth it. It’s fine.

Honestly, just the look in general was worth it. I knew exactly how I wanted my roommate to do my hair (I don’t do my own hair, remember) and she NAILED IT. I was obsessed. I felt like a mix of Blair Waldorf and Brooke Davis and I was LIVING for it. She did a middle part, two inside out braids down the back and then tied them into two little fancy buns. It was the perfect balance of elegant and edgy that completed my shirt. I did my make-up, (more of a smokey/natural eye so that my lipstick would stand out), threw on some funky jewelry and changed my phone case to match my outfit. Yes, I am that girl.

I had paired the shirt with high waisted black paper-bag shorts and black tights. (Alabama is “cold” right now, btw.) I also wore my go-to black booties, because 1. Duh and 2. Rain. Anyway, I was absolutely in love with this look and I couldn’t wait to document it. My friends and I had so much fun last night, and yes, my Insta photo was 100% a candid. You don’t have to believe me, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

I hope y’all are inspired by this and aren’t afraid to go out of your comfort zone a little bit! Let the sale section lead you to a piece that is scary but exciting, and then find an occasion that you know  would be perfect to wear it to! You can be covered in sparkles and completely guilt free. You could also wear no colors at all without any shame. It’s all about YOU and what makes YOU feel good. Just don’t be afraid to try new things, that’s all I’m saying. It could lead you to a whole new world…

xoxo, JMimg_2286Say hi to my awesome roomie, Emily!! (PS. The lipstick shade is “Pandemonium”)img_2291Here’s what the back/side of me looks like in really bad lighting! But there’s the hair, kind of.img_2322And here’s the insta to show that I’m cool and fun. “Dinner with some pals // ily Tuscaloosa Saturday nights”

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