My Review of the SHOCK Fitness App: An At-Home Workout Game Changer

Hi all! If you follow along with me on Instagram, you probably know that I am partnering with SHOCK Fitness App to share about the app with my community. I could not be more grateful that they reached out, because I! Am! In! Love! With! This! App!

Let me tell you… I was already a big workout from home girl. For some reasons, gyms just don’t do it for me… so I was doing pretty well with my workout regimen when quarantine hit. Or so I thought. I was used to doing some OrangeTheory IGTVs, some PopSugar YouTube vids, and going for some walks around my neighborhood. (All GREAT things, don’t get me wrong.)

But then, SHOCK slid into my DMs, and the rest was HISTORY. Let me explain to you how I got started (and hooked!)

Three Sundays ago, I was waiting around my house before I had to leave to pick up my parents from the airport. I had recently downloaded the SHOCK fitness app and thought, “Hmm, no time like the present!” So I answered all the questions for the app to create customized plan for me and then bam! everything was all scheduled up and ready to go for my first week. I couldn’t believe how simple. It’s truly like having a personal trainer on speed dial, in app form. So I completed that week’s “focus” challenge which was called Cut to the Core, and cut to the core it did. I knew immediately during that workout that this was the app for me.

How so? Because:

  1. It has easy to follow video/gifs of the moves, so you know exactly how to do it
  2. It has a bright and loud timer so you know exactly how long to do each move for
  3. The workouts are not hours long (my literal least fave thing) or 5 min short. They are the perfect amount of time to help you get in the zone, crush your goals, and feel completely balanced between drained and unstoppable afterwards.

Now that you know some of the top-level reasons why I love the app, let’s dive into specifics of what these workouts look like.


I am on Level 2, Week 3 of the SHOCK fitness app. Something that really surprised me was that there are 52 weeks of Level 2!! I think that’s so great, because it means I can continue this program for a year at the level I’m at. Obviously this does not mean the workouts will not get increasingly more challenging (they will) but it’s just the fact that this app is there for you, for the long haul. With over 550 workouts for all fitness goals, SHOCK is it, I’m telling you. Okay, so my Weekly Plan includes:

3 Strength Workouts

2 LISS (low impact cardio) Workouts // These are customizable. I just choose Walking and go for a walk around a neighborhood!

1 Weekly Challenge Workout

That’s six workouts each week. Then, there is also a whole library of “Quick workouts” if you feel like you need more or maybe you don’t have time to complete the entire strength workout that day. The options are endless! The strength workouts focus on three different areas. One is for arms and abs, one is for legs and glutes and one is full-body. I love the variety and that I know I’m working different parts of the body each day/week.


Now here is where it gets really good. Let’s talk about the format of the strength workouts. So first up, is a Warm Up. There are two or three movements that you complete twice to get the blood flowing and feeling loose. Then you immediately dive into the Zone 1. Zone 1 will have three workout moves that you complete three times in a row, like circuit training. So you complete moves A, B and C three times in a row, in that order. These are called “laps.” Then, you enter the SHOCK Zone, which is always a HIIT move. (These moves widely differ, so it’s never repetitive.) So the format of each Zone is: Three “laps” of moves then SHOCK ZONE. There are four Zones in total, plus the warmup.

These workouts truly FLY by and I absolutely love them. I actually look forward to my workouts throughout the day. It’s a wild (and new!) feeling but I’m loving it.

Lastly, I wanted to share that the SHOCK fitness app helps you track your heart rate. At the end of each Zone the app tells you how you should be feeling and what the target heart rate is, and then you input yours. I love this feature because I’ve noticed in my third week straight of doing this, my heart rate keeps getting closer and closer to the target 🙂

Thank you SO much to Shock Fit for introducing me to your wonderful app. I can’t wait to use it for many many weeks, months and years to come! I have truly never been so motivated by or excited about my workout ritual. This app is a game changer. I promise if you try it, you will LOVE it. If you want to try the SHOCK fitness app for yourself, you can get 7 days free through the link in SHOCK’s bio!

SHOCK Fitness gifted me with a free subscription to the app, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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