Skincare Essentials for Winter with Live Botanical

The cold weather has finally arrived, along with a plethora of twinkle lights, an unending playlist of Christmas music, and an abundance of holiday cheer in the air! I know this past weekend was freezing cold (literally) almost everywhere… it even snowed here in ALABAMA! While I enjoyed the view of flakes falling outside my window while I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and the excuse to make three cups of warm coffee in one morning, cold weather still comes with a few annoying issues, and one of these is skin care.

I don’t know about you, but this time of year tends to bring out the worst in my skin. My hands are dry, even right after I shower or wash my hands, my lips are cracked, my face is tight, etc. That’s why I am SO excited that I have these essential products from Live Botanical to use this winter. My incredible influencer network, Palm, gave its members the opportunity to try these products last month, and I am obsessed!

First, let’s talk about the body cream. I was not prepared for how much I would like it. I’ve never really been a lotion person… like, at all, haha. But when my hands got dry and my new body cream was sitting on my bathroom counter, I was like “Okay, why not try”?” and I’m so happy I did! It legitimately melted on my hands like butter. Also, one of the major points for me was that it was described as smelling ~incredible. And it does. The description on the Palm website called it “a lemon citrus vanilla birthday cake” and that is exactly what it smells like.

Second, let’s dive in (literally) to the Milk Bath! Hehe. When this first arrived, I’m not going to lie, I was very confused. I had no idea what a “coconut milk bath” was or meant. It looked like a bunch of sand, haha how could that even BE milk? But, it is actually just a yummy mix of dehydrated coconut milk, himalayan salt, and essential oils. Now, I have never really been a bath person until college, when I discovered bath bombs/until I got my own apartment and found a way to watch Netflix and drink wine in warm water instead of the couch hahaha. So, now I do like them, and when I am in need of a wind-down or relaxing evening, I always take a bath. The first bath I took after my Live Botanical arrived, I was very excited. I had no idea what to expect, but I was wildly shocked and EXTREMELY impressed. This truly was a “milk” bath, as no bath bomb had ever made the water as moisturizing or as soft/milky, and no bath bomb has ever left my legs feeling like I just put lotion on them after getting out of a bath!!! OMG. Also, the scent is very present in this product, just like the body cream. It’s especially strong as you drop it into the water, and right as you get in. (The container even says, “essential oils evaporate quickly, so its best to drop in right before you climb in!”) Lastly, I just wanted to say that if baths aren’t your thing, or if you’re like me and just can’t bear to part with the scent for too long, you can also mix the milk bath with water in the shower and it makes an excellent scrub! Seriously, people, it. smells. incredible. I started using it almost every day because then after your shower or bath, the next time you go into your bathroom, the entire room smells like lemon citrus vanilla birthday cake!! What’s not to love?! I am obsessed.

I actually had the opportunity to do an Instagram Story takeover on the Palm IG account to talk about these products, so I am extremely well-versed in them, and just wanted to give y’all a few more of my favorite talking points about this great company and their products!

Live Botanical’s Mission is to live beautiful, live pure, live responsible, and live simple. They use all natural ingredients and have a focus on connecting with nature. I noticed when I was reading the ingredients that not only are they made with fruits and plants, but they are made with ORGANIC fruits and plants, as they are not just made with lime, and lavender, but with lime* and lavender*, and at the bottom “*=organic.” I am just so impressed by this company and what they’re doing. The founder, Carolyn, transitioned into an entrepreneural career with this company, and spends her time traveling. She is truly inspirational, as are all the other founders of companies that Palm collaborates with. (All female founded brands! :))

Lastly, I just wanted to give a list of a few of my other fave skincare products for winter, because in this dry air, you can truly not have too many! Right now my go-to’s are Mario Badescu rose water facial spray. This stuff is necessary year round, but even more so in the winter. You can use it to set your makeup, to just hydrate your face throughout the day, or as I’m hearing more & more, it’s extremely helpful after a long flight. Also, Bath & Body Works’ new aromatherapy line has been changing my life. I’m all about aromatherapy, especially when it comes to sleep. I use their Sleep line, (so far I have the pillow spray and body wash), however for one of my Christmas gifts, my roommate got me the bar soap as well. I’m not a bar soap person, but it’s sooo relaxing and moisturizing, and helps me feel ready for sleep after the shower!

What are some your favorite skincare essentials for the winter season?? I am always looking for new suggestions, comment below! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to take care of your skin with this winter!

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