SkinTē Sparkling Collagen Tea: My Newest Happy + Healthy Obsession

If you haven’t heard of SkinTē, it is a sparkling collagen tea that is changing the game. When SkinTē reached out to me, I was so excited and also so curious. I had never really tried anything (or quite frankly, heard of anything) like it before. I’m so thankful they offered the opportunity to try because, honestly, I fell in love really quickly.

I started incorporating SkinTē into my daily ritual wherever I could. With my salad at lunch while WFH, as a Saturday after work-out refresher, as an after-dinner treat while I watched tv with my family, etc. I quickly became addicted. SkinTē is so light and refreshing, yet somehow still fills you up. The different flavors are so good too. I received a six pack of the Green Tea Grapefruit flavor, as well as trio of one of each flavor: Green Tea Grapefruit, White Tea Ginger, and Hibiscus Vanilla.

So, what make SkinTē so special? I’m glad you asked. SkinTē is the first ever sparkling collagen drink.  One of its founders is actually a chef. They share on their website that they experimented over and over — actually thousands of times — to create flavors you’ll crave with ingredients your skin, hair, and nails will love. And I can attest to this.

Not convinced yet? That’s ok! Maybe their description of the product will help: “At the heart of our recipe is our signature SkinTē  Sparking Collagen Tea equation: 3000mg of collagen peptides, powerful super herbs such as hawthorn berry, passion flower, horsetail, and nettle root, and smart ingredients for added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant support. Plus, we keep it clean. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, gluten ingredients, soy, or dyes. (Insert fist bump here.) Say hello to liquid radiance on-the-go and the benefits don’t stop there. SkinTē provides nutritional support for hair, nails, joints, digestion, enhanced mood and overall wellbeing. Does your skincare do all of that? ”

Wondering what is collagen? (It’s okay, I was too when I first received my SkinTē hehe.) The team explains “Collagen 101: 70% of our skin and 30% of our total body protein is comprised of collagen—it is the protein that literally holds us together. In our  late  20s, collagen starts to break down faster than it can be produced. So consuming collagen on a regular basis (we recommend daily) is critically important to replenish the loss and nourish the body for overall wellbeing. Plus, collagen provides a ton of beauty-boosting benefits for skin, in addition to benefits for mood, sleep, digestive and joint health. ” I had no clue that I’m almost to the age where the collagen in my body will break down faster than its produced… I’m so glad that I know this now and can continue adding collagen to my daily ritual.

Lastly, you may be thinking “Wow, sounds so good! I’m just not quite sure how it fits into my lifestyle though.” Never fear, there are many different ways to enjoy SkinTē Sparking Collagen Tea! The team shares the below: SkinTē is the ultimate power-packed lifestyle beverage for an easy and delicious wellbeing boost and on-the-go indulgence. Reach for SkinTē instead of an unhealthy beverage, for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or as a post-workout recovery drink. You can also enjoy SkinTē in a beauty cocktail  (mixes beautifully with champagne, tequila, rum or gin), after a long night out or a hard week, to get  glowing for a special event, or anytime to quench your thirst. SkinTē  is liquid radiance at your fingertips to easily fit  the demands and indulgences of your  lifestyle.”

I love this, because I am on a journey every day to be a healthier me, and reaching for a SkinTē instead of an unhealthy beverage has aided in this goal of mine so much! SkinTē is also so sweet and is offering readers of Coffee with Jordan Lee 20% off your entire purchase with the code JORDANLEE20. (Thank you!!) I truly love these drinks and I think you will too!♡

SkinTē gifted me with their sparkling collagen teas, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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