Slow Mornings with Written Coffee

Everyone knows I love coffee. I mean, if you couldn’t tell from my blog name, you could probably tell from my Starbucks-turned Dunkin’ Donuts obsession (thanks, LA) and my love for funky flavored K-cups. I can’t live without caffeine, and while I’m proud of this act, I have never been one to make my own coffee. (Partly due to being a millennial and partly due to being lazy, hehe) but, yes.

I have never made my own coffee in a coffee pot, yet alone ground my own beans! However, Written Coffee reached out to me, and I couldn’t have fallen more in love. The company’s goal is to mix editorial with coffee (I mean, hello!?) and I was obsessed from the minute I heard from the founder, Ellie. She explained the brand to me and I couldn’t WAIT to say yes to working with them.

From the website… “Meet Written Coffee, a brand that celebrates the life that happens over coffee: conversation, community, stories, passions, love, ideas. It’s the feeling you get when that first cup of morning coffee wafts through the air. A smile. A sip. An idea. It all starts here.”

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try Chapter Two of Written Coffee, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Chapter Two is described as “…sourced from a woman-owned farm in the Dom Viçoso region of Brazil, featuring notes of nut, toffee, and chocolate.”

I received it when I was interning in LA this summer, but unfortunately I did not have a grinder so I had to wait until I returned home to try the coffee. And let me tell you, it was WORTH the wait. It actually worked out because the coffee is meant to be shared with loved ones and enjoyed over stories, and that’s exactly what we did. My mom, dad and I all enjoyed Written Coffee on a weekend morning while I shared stories of being in LA and they shared stories of their trip to the French Polyneisan. It was amazing!! The coffee is SO smooth and did not require cream or sugar. Though if you like your coffee a little sweeter, adding cream and sugar would make this amazing blend a perfect morning dessert!

Ellie’s mission is absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to help spread the word about this new company. There is nothing I love more than coffee and writing, so a mix of the two was right up my alley. The coffee is incredible and the donations to different organizations are an amazing thing to stand for. I would recommend purchasing Chapter One of Chapter Two from Written Coffee and letting yourself fall into an amazing story.

written coffee flatlay

Enjoy your slow mornings with Written Coffee♡

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