Spring Break Essentials

As you probably know by now – I have one thing and one thing only on my mind: Spring. Break. I am so excited to spend a week with my best friends and boyfriend in Panama City Beach!

However, before I can go, I need to pack! As I was making my list, I came up with the idea of doing little post about some of the staple items that I will for sure be packing this week, because I cannot live without them! No matter where you’re headed this break, you will want to bring some of the following essentials along with you.

Subtle Green Champagne Hydrating Mist

I recently had the opportunity to try this product through my influencer network, Palm. Subtle Green is an organic, luxury, CUSTOMIZABLE skincare company. How cool is that? Using your skin type as your guide, you choose a base, a botanical combination, and then you can add a booster if you choose! They also have some moisturizing and hydrating products, and that’s what I got to try! I received a bottle of their Pour l’amour du Champagne Hydration Mist, and I. Am. Obsessed.

From their website…. The “secret ingredient” is Hyaluronic acid, which gives skin that “after shower” glow, but it also contains actual champage – which contains Resveritrol – a powerful anti-oxident that fights free radical damage that leads to wrinkles! Use this mist every day to turn heads with a dewy glow!

I have used this mist multiple times, and I absolutely love it! Hydrating mists are so important, especially in the “winter” weather, and early spring weather that we are having. It’s stronger than other “facial sprays” that I own. Those are mists, this is a full on spray. A little goes a loooonnng way.

Lastly, it smells like the beach. (At least to me!) I’m sure it’s supposed to smell like champagne, but something in it reminds me of the beach (maybe sunscreen?) but it’s a super yummy smell & I absolutely love it!! I am 100% packing it in my bag for vacation this week!

ArteStile Beauty Tools

ArteStile Beauty hand makes luxury grooming tools in ITALY! They are absolutely stunning, and they work extremely well. My favorite part is that they come in multiple colors, including millennial pink 😉 I received a brow set from them, again, through Palm. I absolutely love it. I’m super blessed to have a roommate who has the ability to do eyebrows – so I’m not constantly spending money on getting them waxed! Now, I can’t do my own, but my roommate has the magic touch! She always makes them look amazing, (thanks, Em!) and she was super excited when I got this new kit for her to try.

From their website… “Beauty in Technicolour – The Soft Touch Collection was created to add a splash of colour and comfort to our professional line of tools. The tweezers, scissors and manicure kits in the collection are made of stainless steel and finished with a rubber coating that adds an easy grip and exception in-hand feel to our tools.”

I absolutely love love love my pink brow kit, (tweezers and scissors) and can’t wait to bring them on Spring Break with me!

Rocksbox Jewelry

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Rocksbox before, but if you haven’t feel free to read about why it “rocks” here! Hehe. I love love love Rocksbox, because they are always hooking me up with the perfect jewelry. I’ve had this month’s box for logner than a month (which I pretty much always do) but I just couldn’t bear to part with these gorgeous Aster earrings. Use code “jordannnleeexoxo” to try your first box for free!

They’re perfect for the beach, whether I’m in a swimsuit, a cute dress, or even a fancy outfit for dinner. I can’t wait to pack them along on this trip!

Quay Sunglasses

OKAY. Y’all. It’s no secret that I love sunglasses (and own way too many pair), but I’ve never owned a pair of Quay sunnies. I just don’t like to spend a lot of money when I can get cute pairs for way cheaper. However, the exact pair I’ve had my eye on are on sale. (As are many other styles!) Instead of $50, they are $19. When I realized this the other day, with spring break around the corner, I decided to bite the bullet and take the leap. I bought them!! I am in love. The ones I have are the Sugar & Spice, but my roomie ordered the High Tea style in orange, and my sorority sister ordered the Noosa. Do yourself a favor and spend some time on their sale page. You won’t regret it!

Fun shoes

Okay, so I have wayyyyy too many shoes, but also there is no such thing. I’m on a huge denim/blue kick rn, if you can’t tell. But I bought these blue tie up wedges last Spring, and then I got these super affordable ($5) flip flops this past week! I’m linking some similar pairs to the wedges here, here, and here. For flip flops, try these, (the actual shoes!), these, or these!

Striped Swimsuit

Last but not least, my most prized possession. I cannot tell you how long I spent looking for a striped swimsuit to bring with me this spring break. I had so many different options, leads, collab opportunities, etc. However, I knew what I wanted, and I knew I wanted to try it on, etc. etc. Finally, I found it. I looooovvvee this suit. It fits me perfectly, and it was so so so affordable! However, I had seriously so many I wanted earlier, so I will be linking many options for you!

My Swimsuit ($24.99)

Lively/Ban.do Cabana Stripe Suit (my DREAM!!) ($65)

Aerie Striped One Piece ($30)

Cupshe All About Stripes One Piece ($25)

Forever 21 Colorblock Swimsuit ($22)

Target Palm Tree One Piece (my other DREAM!!!) ($39.99)

I hope these have inspired you to gather all of your own spring break essentials!! If you have any questions or comments about these – let me know! Pleeeaassee comment below! I love love love hearing from you!! Have a great spring break!♡



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