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It’s that time of year again… Seasons upon seasons fly by us every few months and the older I get the more it starts to feel like whiplash! I am relishing in these last few weeks of spring, even though it definitely feels like summer already! [However, we still have a month left, so yes, this post is “on time” ;)]

As you probably know, I do a round up each season of different products, brands, and new discoveries that I am loving. Topics range from fashion/ and beauty to pop culture to food and fitness, you name it. As with every favorites post, I’m excited to get into this season’s obsessions!

FASHION: The other day I found a pair of Dolce Vita black sneakers that were on sale, and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I’m not sure if this necessarily falls under the category “Spring Fashion” but I don’t care!! These shoes are worth it, and I’ve been wearing them this season, so yes, they’re possible to wear in spring. These shoes are on sale right now, so I would run, not walk to order a pair! You’ll be sooooo happy you did.

spring favorites dolce vita shoes

HEALTH AND BEAUTY: You may remember me talking about Kopari’s all natural coconut deodorant in 2018’s Fall Favorites post. Well, I’ve been IN LOVE with Kopari ever since, and have started using their all natural coconut charcoal toothpaste as well. It was a tiny bit of an adjustment period, but I absolutely love it! I definitely notice my teeth feel smoother and I hope the charcoal is doing the whitening it promises! [Though thanks to Smile Brilliant, my teeth are already pretty white🤩] In my opinion, 10/10 would recommend, and it’s super affordable!

SNACKS — COFFEE EDITION: In the springtime [and summer] I love a refreshing and cold iced coffee. While I do drink iced coffee year round, I like to mix up flavors according to the season. In the spring and summer – I’m a sucker for fruit flavored coffee. Hear me out. I know this may sounds strange, but it’s NOT. I promise! I first discovered this last summer when I was interning in LA. There was a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner from me, and I became obsessed with their Blueberry flavored iced coffee. It’s a flavor shot, not swirl, so it’s not too sweet, but the perfect amount of refreshing.

Then, Dunkin recently released new Baskin Robbins’ Ice Cream inspired flavors, and one of them is Banana Split😍It’s SO good. This one is a swirl, so it’s a little on the sweeter side, but it’s stupid BANANAS good!🍌

spring favorites fruit flavored coffee

Lastly – my other fruit inspired fave combo is from good old Starbucks. They definitely don’t go as crazy with their flavor options as Dunkin’ does, but that has never stopped me from trying every flavor combination you can. I recently tried half vanilla, half raspberry and it was phenomenal! I would definitely recommend this one, especially if you’re not super sold on Dunkin’ itself or their more crazy flavors!

MUSIC: This one will not be for everyone, and I understand that. I try to make sure each Favorites post is varietal, and that every post speaks differently to different people! This is just something I can’t pass up writing about. Hillsong United has a new album out, called People and it’s A M A Z I N G. I attended the People tour earlier this month with my mom and it was so so so good. I knew some of their new songs going in, but not all of them. Hearing them live while watching the lyrics projected is one of my favorite ways to learn, and that concert truly wrecked me. If you are a fan of Hillsong or just in general of Christian music, you NEED to listen to this album. My favorites are Highlands (Song of Ascent), As You Find Me, and Another in the Fire. If you like this album or listen to it and then like it, PLEASE let me know! I need someone to talk about this with!!!

hillsong united people tour

TV: This one is short and sweet because I don’t want to give too much away.

Watch Dead To Me on Netflix. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

You’re welcome.

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