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Wowow! For the first time in this series, I don’t feel like time has FLOWN by! Instead, I feel like my Spring Favorites post was forever ago… but that’s probably because I graduated college and then spent half the summer working in LA, haha.

Either way, I am so excited that it’s already time for the next installment of Favorites. If y’all remember, I did a round up in the Fall, Winter and Spring, on what I was loving beauty wise, fashion wise, fitness wise, etc. I just always have so many different ideas of little things that I want to post about, so it made sense to start combining it all into one! Without further ado, here is what I’ve been loving this summer season☀

SKINCARE: Okay, y’all. I am so excited about this one I can hardly stand it! Therefore, I’m putting it first and I’m warning you now it will probably be the longest. Okay, SO! If you remember, in my Winter post, I announced that my New Years resolution was to take better care of my skin. And then in the Spring post, I said I was “happy to report” that I had kept up with it. Well, now it’s summer and I’m here to tell you that I have not only kept up with it, but I have grown wildly in love with it!

It’s crazy to me to look back and see that I wrote I used to just wash my face and sometimes maybe put some moisturizer on… It’s scary that I lived like that for so long! I now have a long, nurturing routine that I am devoted to doing every night to take care of my skin. I plan on doing a post very soon about it with the different products and brands I use and the experience I’ve had. So I won’t get too much into detail about it right now, but I do love skincare so much! For the sake of Favorites though, I’ll go ahead and throw out a little product I have a crush on right now and that is my sugar scrub from Costa Craft Beauty! I had the chance to participate in a DIY beauty bar during my internship in LA, and I made my own scrub with the Venice Beach scent. I am OBSESSED with the scent. And the sugar scrub, but I’ve always loved scrubs because they leave my skin sOOooOO soft. Anyway, check out their products, and BONUS, if you live in the LA area, you can hire them to have a DIY Beauty Bar at your next event!

summer favorites costa craft beauty

ACCESSORIES/TECH: This category doesn’t make it on the list every single season, but this summer I discovered Zenni Optical and I am so so glad I did. For those of you who are like me, and aren’t fortunate enough to be walking around seeing for free, this is for you! I’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses since sophomore year of high school. That’s almost seven years!! The main reason is because I started wearing contacts my senior year of high school, but also because glasses are expensive! I switched the lenses when my prescription changed, but never got new frames. This summer I decided it was time for a change. Zenni has extremely affordable glasses (we’re talking $6.95!) and a HUGE variety of options. They have so many different shapes, styles, colors, etc., so there is definitely something for everyone.

summer favorites zenni glasses

Zenni also makes it SO easy… you can upload a picture of yourself and digitally “try on” all the pairs you’re interested in. They also have extremely helpful reviews and photos from previous customers for each frame! It’s so easy to find the pair you want. and once you do, you input your prescription numbers and BOOM, you’re done! It’s so so simple. (And they also have a ton of add-ons, but still, the process is quick & user-friendly!)

FASHION: Okay, so I’ve officially jumped on the sneaks trend. I know there are multiple types of sneaker trends happening right now, and that’s okay! I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of the WORLD’s comfiest sneakers from OTBT this summer. If you missed my post on them, you’re going to want to check it out now. Run don’t walk to read about why you need a pair of the Normcore sneakers, and how to snag them for a discounted price!

otbt normcore

Additionally, I’ve been eyeing a fun pair from Katy Perry Collections for the past few months, waiting for them to go on sale. They are so fun and different, and I knew I had to have them, but they weren’t a ~staple I needed ASAP, so I waited it out, and on Labor Day they had an extra 30% off a sale items sale. It actually worked out perfectly, because they’re covered in sprinkles, and they’re going to arrive just in time for my birthday!! Whoo! (The color I ordered [multicolor/rainbow sprinkles] is completely sold out and no longer even listed on the website, so sorry!) But they do still have it in white. PS. I own an incredibly amazing pair of mules from KPC, which I also got on sale. All of her designs are amazing, so definitely check them out!

MUSIC: So there is no specific album or artist I have to mention this time, but I’ve been creating a playlist of songs from TV shows I watch lately, and I’m obsessed. Most songs came from The Bold Type, (which, if you’re not watching, what are you doing with your life??) but a few come from Younger as well. These two shows are incredible, and so are their soundtracks! I’ve always had a deep love for soundtracks to movies and shows because they create such a different feeling than when you just listen to the radio. The playlist is on my Spotify, and it’s called LA. (Yes, I listened to it every single day in LA this summer!)

FITNESS: If y’all remember from Spring, I was super into working out and eating healthy. I was in such an amazing groove/habit/routine, and I was absolutely devastated when I lost track. However, it was the longest period and most consistent I’ve ever been, and I know I can do it again. Being back at Bama for grad school is so different, and I knew I needed to meet new people, so I joined Bama CHAARG. CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls”, and it’s a national organization all about emphasizing that working out can be fun! Their tagline is “liberating girls from the elliptical since 2012” which I love! I joined right before I came back to school. (You have to register and “purchase” a membership, but it includes everything for the semester!) I am part of a weekly small group, they have weekly “Studio Spotlights” where we try different workout studios and classes around town, there are social events/random workouts/retreats and so much more! CHAARG has over 50+ chapters at different campuses, so if you’re a college gal, I’d definitely suggest checking out their site and seeing if there’s a chapter at your university!

summer favorites riverwalk

[[The first day of school a few weeks ago, CHAARG went for a run around the riverwalk at 6am and then got breakfast at a super cute coffee shop. It was so much fun, and I knew from the very first event that joining CHAARG was going to be one of the best decisions I made this year!]]

Well, I guess that’s about it for Summer! I hope some of these recommendations resonated with you. Comment below what you liked, any questions you have, and/or what categories you’d like to see this Fall! I can’t believe this series is already almost a year old!

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  1. YESS! Seeing ain’t free! So happy you found glasses that you love!
    Also, my new music has most definitely been coming from The Bold Type! I Shazam a new song every episode!!! Love you!

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