Summer Lovin’ (And Scrubbin’) with Life’s Butter Coffee Scrubs

As you may remember, earlier this year I had the chance to try a few incredible products from Life’s Butter, one of them being their absolutely delicious coffee scrub. I immediately fell in love, and the scrub (along with their body shimmer) have become staples in my shower and after shower ritual. Fast forward a few months later, and Life’s Butter released two more versions of their coffee scrub: one with cacao and one with coconut. *Insert drool emoji here*

I was so honored when they offered to send them to me to try, and once I did… let me tell you. I think I may love them even more than the original — if that’s even possible. The original is their #Exfoliating Coffee Scrub, and you can read more about it HERE. The new cacao one is called #Detox and the coconut one is called #Skinfood.

The #Detox scrub is made up of antioxidant rich cacao, which helps protect the skin from premature aging, dead sea salt, organic shea butter, coffee arabica seed oil that offers deep hydration, and organic fair trade Kona coffee. The scrub is truly luxurious and you will notice a difference in your skin immediately. It will be smoother, glowy and moisturized like it has never been before. Life’s Butter “guarantees” you won’t be able to use their scrub only just once, and I completely agree with them. Not only do these scrubs feel amazing on the skin, but they smell divine as well. The texture is so nourishing and leaves the skin so soft. And the whole time, you’re enveloped in the sweet aroma of coffee, sweet almond oil, and coconut or cacao, depending on which scrub you’re using!

The #Skinfood scrub is comprised of coconut (which has numerous anti-inflammatory properties, so it soothes redness and blemishes, and provides a healthy, glowing complexion), dead sea salt, organic shea butter, coffee arabica seed oil and organic trade Kona coffee. I love that both scrubs also come in an easy-to-use and easy-to-store reusable bag. These bags are easy to place in my storage in bathroom, or easy to leave in the shower. They also pack and travel well! I recently took both of these to Hawaii with me. I think the added touch of the text-font and emojis in the name is so cute too!

Both scrubs are vegan formulas that are cruelty free, there are no added parabens or harmful chemicals, and both scrubs are made in the USA. These are truly NATURAL products, so you can feel good about putting them on your body. Both scrubs also offer benefits beyond just exfoliating and moisturizing (though those alone would be enough because of how good they are!) But, both scrubs also help fight breakouts, help fade scars, help with stretch marks, and are effective against cellulite.

These incredible scrubs aren’t the only thing Life’s Butter makes. Life’s Butter is a purpose-driven skincare brand that “seeks to help women boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, so they can live their fullest, healthiest life.” I love this mission so much, and it’s one of the reasons they really stood out to me. The brand creates products like an anti-cellulite cream (with over 250 five star reviews), a dry brush, coffee scrubs and a skin nourishing shimmer. I have now tried all 3 scrubs, and use the shimmer afterwards, every. single. time. I love this combination so much and I know you will too. I also can’t wait to someday try their anti-cellulite cream!  This brand is truly changing the game in skincare and focuses on helping women feel their best. What more could we ask for? Check out their site and pick up a coffee scrub (or two!) I promise your skin will thank you.

Life’s Butter gifted me with the two new coffee scrubs in exchange for this blog post, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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