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Summer is in full swing, which means the days get longer, the air gets warmer, and the wine gets colder. *insert glasses clinking emoji here* I’m excited to be partnering with Winc this season, so I can have the opportunity to explore all the wines and rosés perfect for these balmy summer days [and nights].

So, what is Winc?

Winc is a wine club membership that believes the experience of getting a great bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one. Winc was founded in 2012 because of “a shared belief that wine should be more accessible: simpler to get and easier to enjoy.” You can check out the full “how it works” here, but I’m about to cover some of the main takeaways of why you’ll love becoming a member of Winc’s Wine Club.

1] Winc makes it really easy to discover wines that you will like.

When you first sign up for Winc, you take a quick and easy quiz to help set up your palate profile. [The questions are not actually even about wine, so if you’re not exactly a sommelier, don’t freak!] Then, Winc recommends the four wines that should be in your first box, with four bottles that fit into your palate. However, you are welcome to change any bottle out, look around, swap, etc. Then after you receive your wines and try them, you rate them on your Winc profile, and that helps your next set of recommendations.

2] Winc is flexible – skip a month free of charge, or cancel with no commitment!

3] Winc offers satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like a bottle, you don’t have to pay for it.

I took the palate profile quiz [which asked about my opinions on coffee and truffle flavors, my absolute faves!] and was then given my four recommendations. I ended up keeping two of the recommendations [the reds] and switching out the other two for one white blend and one rosé. The four wines I received/ordered were a bottle of the 2017 Les Bobos Grenache, a bottle of the 2017 Rosa Obscura Red Blend, a bottle of the 2018 Wonderful Wine Co. White Blend, and a bottle of the 2018 Sauvetage Rosé. The wine arrived extremely ahead of time [whoop!], carefully packaged in a large box, and came with a cute little Winc book, that actually taught me a lot about the “A to Z of wine”. It also had some other fun membership info in it, and it definitely makes for a cute coffee tale addition.

So, my review?

I am always so grateful for the opportunity to try any wine I have never tried before. These wines were all new to me, and I liked them all differently. The first wine I tried was the Wonderful Wine Co. White Blend, out by the pool. It was perfect for that atmosphere! It’s crisp, and easy to drink, but not sweet. [Which the Winc wine description said it was.] But that’s okay, I did choose that one on my own, and luckily I still liked it. [I’m not really a white wine gal!] Next up, was the Grenache. My boyfriend, Ryan, and I drank it while we watched the finale of The Bachelorette. It was again, easy to drink, and very smooth. While it was definitely not sweet, the flavor did come out more when I paired it with food. The Winc description of this wine suggests pairing it with pizza, lamb, or pasta with red sauce. Luckily, Ry and I had ordered pizza that night, so we were really able to enjoy the wine to its fullest, and pair it with our “philosophical musings,” as the bottle suggests to do.

The third bottle I tried was the rosé and W O W… It was phenomenal! The tasting profile on Winc described it having notes of orange zest, peach ring, and strawberry, which you can definitely smell! It’s best served chilled [duh], and is crisp, easy to drink, and extremely refreshing. A summer wine staple if I’ve ever heard of one. The last bottle I tried was the Rosa Obscura, which was absolutely amazing. Winc describes it as “quaffable, juicy and silky” and that’s exactly what it is. It’s full bodied, slightly sweet, and offers tasting notes of cocoa, cranberry and jasmine.

So, how to get your hands on your own Winc???

Easy! Use this link to discover Winc for yourself! Your $22 discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That means you get four bottles of wine for less than $40, and free shipping!! You’re welcome 😉

I hope you enjoy Winc and be sure to comment below which wine you are looking forward to trying most! I want to compare tasting notes with you♡

Winc gifted me with a monthly delivery free of charge, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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