Trend Report: Bright Maxi Dresses

As of Wednesday, Summer is officially here! I for one couldn’t be happier that the season full of sunshine, beach time and RELAXATION has finally arrived. With all of the end-of-year mayhem settling down in May, and just starting to get into the swing of things in early June, I’m glad the summer solstice hits…… Continue reading Trend Report: Bright Maxi Dresses

Mixing & Matching

Everyone knows that Florida is H-O-T hot! It’s no secret that the humidity here is out of control and that the Sunshine State is usually more filled rain than sun rays. But, today for ONCE, the sun came out, and I was so excited to actually wear real clothes! (I’ve been living in t-shirts and…… Continue reading Mixing & Matching

MDW Necessities

Hey, everyone! I am sorry I have been a little AWOL lately… getting into the swing of things has proven to be a little more hectic than I thought! But I am officially a working (interning) girl! I work 9-5 on M/W and on the other days find time to squeeze in some quality family…… Continue reading MDW Necessities

Spring Break(ing) the Rules

Spring hasn’t even technically started yet, but the weather didn’t really get that memo. I’m spending my spring break in Florida and I’m so excited because I get to spend the next ten days dressing like it’s summer. Yesterday I was lounging in my favorite bikini and summer wrap-cover up, and today I wore a…… Continue reading Spring Break(ing) the Rules

The Bradshaw Budget: Sorority Formal

// As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” And while I completely agree with her, as a broke college student, I don’t exactly have a ton of money OR a ton hanging in my closet. But that didn’t stop her from being fabulous! So…… Continue reading The Bradshaw Budget: Sorority Formal

Shiny, shimmery, splendid

To keep with the theme of this article’s title… My outfit last night took me to a “a whole new world.” I am so obsessed with it that I just had to blog about it. So it was Saturday night, a GNO for me and my roommates. We don’t go out very much, so we planned a…… Continue reading Shiny, shimmery, splendid

How to get ready in 15 minutes or less

Have you ever been in a situation where you planned out your day and gave yourself plenty of time to get dressed for something you had later in the afternoon but then life gets in the way and you end up spending way too much time at Target, the Starbucks drive-thru takes way longer than…… Continue reading How to get ready in 15 minutes or less