Roadtrip Playlist

Hey guys! If you are reading this (the day I posted it lol) then I am currently driving to the University of Alabama for my senior year (*GULP*) and I am on a super long, ten hour road trip back to school from home in Orlando, FL. Now, everyone knows there are many “road trip…… Continue reading Roadtrip Playlist

Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

Hey guys! The clock is ticking… there are approximately 45 minutes left until it’s officially Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll be posting about some MDW necessities soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but first I just wanted to post a little something, because y’all know me, and I’m all about music. Any time, any…… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

Studying Playlist

It’s that time of year again… Finals. Who doesn’t hate finals? I mean, seriously. Personally, I do like some parts of them. Like, not having to go to class, eating more food than normal, (because, brain power, duh), and getting to post dramatic gifs on Twitter because I “just can’t do it” anymore. But, unfortunately,…… Continue reading Studying Playlist

Spring Break Playlist

Spring break is just around the corner and before it gets here, I wanted to make the PERFECT playlist to jam out to. I have been doing some serious research, and let me tell you, these songs are everything I’ve been looking for. They’re perfect for driving in the car, windows down, jamming on the way…… Continue reading Spring Break Playlist