The Best (and Worst) Romantic Comedies to Binge this Valentine’s Day

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A holiday full of sweet and funny Hallmark cards, excessive amounts of candy, and of course, romantic comedy movies! Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, or having a Galentine’s night in, rom com movies are ALWAYS part of the mix. You may not send or receive a card this holiday, or eat a box of candy hearts, but everyone wants to watch a rom com around the time of February 14th! I decided to compile a list of the top best (and worst) romantic comedies to watch this Wednesday, because, who doesn’t want to curl up in their favorite comfy sweater and binge a bunch of movies that make you cry, swoon, and laugh out loud at the same time? No matter what mood  you’re in, no matter what you’re feeling, or who you’re with, this list has you covered! Grab your favorite Ben & Jerry’s and maybe a cozy blanket, because it’s time to get your rom com on!

First up, my personal faves:

You can’t go wrong with these three. 13 GOING ON 30: Jennifer Garner stole all of our 13 year old hearts back in the day, wishing for such a glamorous life and hosting such an iconic sleepover to the song “Love is a Battlefield.” Now we watch it and hate her because she gets to go back to being 13 at the end, while we anxiously cram popcorn into our mouths knowing we’re closer to 30 than we even realize… CRAZY, STUPID LOVE: A hilarious, heartwarming story that I love and have only seen a few times and will probably be watching in a few days. Do you like Steve Carrell, Emma Stone, or Ryan Gosling? Then this movie is for you. THE PROPOSAL: A classic and a crowd favorite. I absolutely adore this movie. Entertaining plot line and even more entertaining acting! 10/10. Actually, Betty White is in it, so 11/10.

The Classics:

Yes yes yes! I am alllll about the classics. SIXTEEN CANDLES: Any movie made by the brat pack is a 10/10 to me. Some are better than others (*cough cough* Breakfast Club *cough cough*) but John Hughes knew what he was doing, man. A teenager dealing with teenager love? Sounds like V-Day to me! 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: A true classic. When I came to college, I was the only one out of all of my friends who hadn’t seen this movie, and who didn’t already bawl her eyes out to the poem. Yes, that one. If you haven’t seen this one and are looking for an “oldie” but goodie, look no further. This is for you. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S: Audrey Hepburn. Need I say more?

If You Feel Like Traveling:

Maybe you’ve caught the travel bug this Valentine’s Day and all you can think about is exploring somewhere exotic. Then these movies are for you! 50 FIRST DATES: (which is pretty funny) takes place in beautiful Hawaii. Can you say Alohaaa? WHEN IN ROME: I don’t think I need to tell you where this one takes place. I could stare at beautiful Italy all day long! And how cute is Kristen Bell? MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: With a star studded cast of Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Kathy Bates, this fantasy comedy about time travel and how beautiful Paris is in the rain is the prefect movie for your travel themed V-Day evening!

If You’re Looking for Something Action Packed:

If you’re thinking “Ugh I don’t want just a low-key Valentine’s day” then these few are for you! These movies are nothing but action packed or sci-fi filled, perfect for the adventure you’re craving. KILLERS: A classic. I remember watching this when it came out. Ashton Kutcher as a secret agent and Katherine Heigl having no idea? A perfect recipe for crazy, crime-filled hilarity! PASSENGERS: Not exactly “fast paced” but full of technology, robots, space, and of course, a little bit of romance. Plus, it’s Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, so like, yes please? THIS MEANS WAR: Two CIA agents (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) are best friends, until they meet Reese Witherspoon. Now, that’s all I can say, or else I would have to kill you.

If You’re in the Mood to Cry:

Another feeling you might be having on Valentine’s Day… the desire to bawl your eyes out. If that’s you, you need to watch these. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER: A movie almost everyone knows about. Who doesn’t want to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt obsess over Zooey Deschanel? THE NOTEBOOK: Duh. TITANIC: My favorite movie, and the most amazing love story of all time. Jk. But I do really like it, and it does have some pretty emotional scenes or songs that may make you cry.

If You Want to Laugh Out Loud:

To go in the opposite direction, maybe you don’t need a good cry, but you need a good laugh. Well then definitely watch one of these movies. JUST GO WITH IT: A “bad” rom com but will definitely lift your spirits, with Adam Sandler pretending to be married-to-but-getting-a-divorce-from Jennifer Anniston. Don’t know why? Just go with it! WEDDING CRASHERS: A true comedy classic, with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, and Bradley Cooper. The movie is exactly what it sounds like. HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS: If you’re really needing to laugh, all you have to do is watch both Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey try to win bets with their friends, him trying to win her, and her trying to lose him, both without the other one knowing.

If You’re Just Looking For Those ~V-Day Vibes~

Sometimes you just want a good ole rom com because it’s Valentine’s Day. Well here you go!! CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC: I love this movie and watch it every time I spend too much money and want to feel better about my crying wallet haha. But the love story is cute and the plotline is somewhat believable, and there are funny lines, and cute outfits, and really, that’s all you need! DEFINITELY, MAYBE: Another movie I will probably be found watching this Wednesday! I haven’t seen it in forever but really really want to. Cute little Abigail Breslin is trying to find out who her mom is by having her dad (Ryan Reynolds) tell stories about his three most serious girlfriends. SOMETHING BORROWED: I recently watched this on a plane. Can’t go wrong with Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski!

And last, the “worst” ones:

Last but not least, there are those “bad” rom coms. Sometimes those can be the best ones! After a glass of wine or two with your BFF, you two are cracking up and making fun of it, and it becomes the best movie you’ve watched in the long time! If that’s what you’re going for, try these “awful” flicks! MADE OF HONOR: Womanizing Patrick Dempsey realizes he’s in love with his best friend Hannah, right as she’s about to get married. Of course. VALENTINE’S DAY: A wild interwoven story full of a million characters who somehow all know each other, all played by famous people! I mean, it’s called Valentine’s Day, and it has TSwift and Taylor Lautner in it so like….. why not? BEAUTY AND THE BRIEFCASE: I once heard this described as the ABC Family version of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. But Hilary Duff is in it, so it’s worth it!

I hope one of these movies have spoken to you and that you’re ready to binge your heart out this Valentine’s Day! PS. If you click on the Ben & Jerry’s link I posted at the beginning – that is my new FAVORITE flavor. I am OBSESSED with it!!! It’s so so so so yummy. AND, it’s limited edition, so you may want to act fast. But it’s worth it. It’s caramel coffee ice cream, with swirls of salted caramel, swirls of marshmallow, and filled with chocolate chunks! I am IN LOVE. Do yourself a favor & try it! Comment below if you do, or if you don’t. I want to know what movies on this list you like/don’t like/plan to watch/plan to never watch again, etc.! Comment comment comment! I love love love talking to y’all! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day & happy movie watching!♡

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